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Q: Where is the carrier rework that was promised before “any more premium carriers”? We’ve gotten Kaga, Enterprise, and Graf Zeppelin is just around the corner.

A: I really doubt there was a promise not to release carriers before rework.

The point was we were not concentrating on new carriers because there were some major issues with them as a whole. This includes: UI problems, in-class balance problems, lack of tutorial/learning curve problems. These things, along with others, lead us to very global and serious question “Are we sure that existing CV/AA concept should be just tuned and tweaked or we need a global overhaul? And if yes, should we try to introduce it in a couple of big updates or to make it gradual?”.

For now, we fixed the major part of existing UI problems, which was the main blocker for releasing new CV content. USN/IJN balancing is WIP, and can be expected within several updates. Tutorials are being worked on, however, simpler stuff like movement and basic gameplay should be done first. As for global rework, this is a tricky one. Any major rework will be a stress for old players, so if we are going this way, we must be absolutely sure it is for good. Now, we don’t have any concept that we like THAT better, than the existing one, but we keep thinking about it. And in the meantime, we aim to make various smaller quality changes to the existing CV mechanics, in evolutionary, not revolutionary way.
现在我们已经解决了UI部分的主要问题,这也是一直以来阻碍我们实装新的航母内容的一个原因。美/日航的平衡现在正在搞了,估计几个版本之内就会实装。现在也在搞新的教程模式,当然了教学还是会先教玩家如何移动船只以及最基本的游戏体验方面的 功能。关于全面重制的话就有些问题,因为任何全面重制对于老玩家来说就是一种无形的压力。所以如果我们真的要重制的话我们需要保证这个东西是绝对没问题的。现在的话我们手上并没有这样的一个想法,但是我们会继续去思考。同时我们也会对现有的航母机制做出小但高质量的改动,而且改动的方式都是进化式的,而不是革新式的。

Q: There were a number if glaring balance problems since last year, mostly about how USN was terrible when compared to IJN due to inflexibility and inconsistency vs key targets like DDs.

Instead, we got ammo buffs… which did not help much when it truly came to winning (it primarily benefited good players when whacking enemy planes since the “less skillful playerbase” normally lost his fighters before using even half the ammo)

A: Well, lack of flexibility is the exact main target for upcoming USN CVs changes.

Q: Please clarify the positions of the tiers 7 and 8 RN BBs, and let me re-iterate that putting such famous and anticipated ships as Nelson or 14″ KGV behind a premium paywall will not go down well among the community. Why do we need Monarch at all, when we already have plenty of ships with 2 armament choices of different calibres? Just balance KGV for tier 8 and give it both the 14″ and 15″ (or 16″) options.

On the same vein, why does every line need to be so unique to the point of being gimmicky and inconsistent? See RN CLs. I feel that if you pursue this strategy for too long, you will rapidly run out of ideas and harm the game balance. I do not mind if a line is a near copy of an existing one, the historical relevance and appearance of the ships alone is enough distinguishing features for me. I just want reliable and simple RN BBs with no fancy toys.

A: I cannot 100% confirm the final line-up for RN BB branch. However, I can say that Nelson being premium and King George going to T7, being replaced with Monarch, have major gameplay reasons:

  1. King George does not look good on T8 in terms of firepower, while it looks absolutely adequate for T7.
  2. Nelson is a fine ship for very good players, but being in the branch, it has all chances to become a breaking point, where the major part of playerbase will stumble. Of course we would like to have it in the branch as iconic ship, but gameplay should come first. We do not expect Nelson to be good source of income, because premium RN mid-tier BB niche is already occupied by Warspite and Hood, and the point here is not to earn extra money, but to release a line which will have nice progression for all players. Who knows, maybe Nelson will remain premium, but with some other means of distribution…we’ll see.
  3. While the final decisions are not made, I can say that after testing different loadouts of RN BB, we’re slowly coming to the conclusion this branch may not need any “gimmicks” to be viable. We will be considering basic BB loadout for it, with only advanced heal being “consumable gimmick”.


Q: What determines the krupp value for AP shells? Also, why do British BB’s have such low krupp values? Thanks

A: Roughly speaking, Krupp value is used in our ballistics model to have the desired armor penetration value for different shells on different distances. And the “desired penetration value” here is the value that is as close to IRL as possible, because this is one of the game aspects we seek to keep realistic. So, this is just a tool for achieving needed shell performance.

Q: Hi Sub, whether or not the Conqueror will have the option of both the 419’s and 457’s? Will the Vanguard be a future premium?

A: We know about some players who want to have 4×2 457 option, and we will consider it. It is a possible option for the future. Thank you for your question.

Q: Why does the Kagero (and Akatsuki, to a lesser degree) have so little gun range? Up-to-date balancing or a legacy setting from before the stealth fire nerf? Stock gun range progression through her line is as follows:

  • 吹雪: 10.5 km
  • 秋月: 9.4 km
  • 阳炎: 8.6 km
  • 夕云: 10.9 km
  • 岛风: 11.4 km

    Because basic firing range is calculated by universal formula (with FCS specs in mind), and then altered only if really needed gameplay-wise. Here, it is not needed gameplay-wise. The same reason Fuso stands out in range.

Q: Are you planning to introduce another premium Polish ship? Possibly Wicher-class destroyer?

A: Not in the near future.

Q: How does the spotting damage mechanic work? How do you deal spotting damage?

A: Spotting damage is damage dealt by one ship to the target that is being scouted by another ship. E.g. if you turn on Radar and spot a DD in smoke, and your ally shoots him, you will get a reward, because without you, your ally wouldn’t see this DD. Another example – if you are scouting on front line with your DD, you will probably spot some enemies, and if your team manage to deal some damage to them, you will get bonuses as well, because without your help this wouldn’t happen.

Important addition: if you are spotting, and your friendly DD is spotting, you both get EQUAL bonuses, so it’s nice to scout with some buddies.

Sub Q: Thanks for that information. So both get the same value as if they are spotting alone?

A: Yes.

Sub Q 2: Does spotting bonus apply only when target is not visible to shooter? For example if enemy you are spotting fires its guns becoming directly detectable by the other ship shooting at it, the spotting bonus no longer applies?

A: Yes, if the shooter can see the target without your help, you don’t get a bonus for the damage dealt in this state.

Q: With the introduction of AP bombs on US CVs T7 and up, will the Saipan recieve them as well or not given the unique nature of the DB squadron?

A: Saipan, in our opinion, does not need any buffs or additional diversity.

Q: How can you allow a biased map such as “Strait” in ranked play. C cap is further from spawn than A cap, among the obvious advantages the northernmost team has for grabbing B cap. #Unforgivable.

A: Heya! Asymmetrical maps don’t always give obvious advantages. For now, as I can see, the Northern team has slightly lower WR. The map will probably be tweaked for better balance, but overall, your impression that the Norther team has better conditions is wrong. I was surprised myself!

Q: As someone who bought and loves the Duca d’Aosta, purely for the commander’s voice alone, are we going to see any more Italian ships in game any time soon?

A: Some Italian ships are in development plans, unfortunately, I cannot give you ETA without official announcement. But yes, we are definitely going to see more Italian ships in game.

Q: Question about the smoke changes. Where does the Kutuzov fall in all this? Cause if you are afraid of IFHE cruisers in clan games being the meta in giant blobs of smoke, it’s one of a few cruisers capable of generating that smoke on it’s own, if you aren’t wanting like an IFHE Chapy parked in that smoke farming damage, isn’t that what the Kutuzov basically is?

A: If we’re doing global changes, I doubt there will be any exceptions. As I said, IFHE + smokes combo is too strong, and it hurts competitive meta according to our obvservations AND player feedback, and here the ship doesn’t really matter – it can be Kutuzov with her own smokes or Chappy parked in other smoke – we are going to find a way to reduce the efficiency of this combo.

That’s going to be fair, because at the same time, BBs (who are the main targets for IFHE) will lose the ability to safely shoot from smoke whatsoever.

Q: Question : Why do you hate the players?

A: Answer: We don’t. You should get some sleep, your question is psychedelic. I am worried.

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