【Developer Q&A 】2014/01/06


– there was never a real “Porsche Jagdtiger”, the only thing that historically existed was the “classic” Jagdtiger with a Porsche suspension (SS: that was not built on Tiger P hull, the hull was the same as that of the regular Jagdtiger)

– IS-3 optional hulls are apparently not sure yet, but most likely there will be two hulls: the regular one (like now) and the earlier prototype one without the pike nose

– gun stabilization (SS: less rocking of the aim reticle during movement) will not increase when the independent suspension is implemented, according to SerB it is sufficient even now

– there is already the basic technical framework for serverside replays in existence, but Storm states there is still a lot left to do

– it’s possible Stalingrad map will appear in WoT

– Havoc: “when it’s done it’s done, I can’t give you any date”
客户端的物理引擎 Havok 做好了自然会放进去,等着吧

– it’s possible there will be new tier 7 or 8 premium Soviet tanks

– the profitability of premium vehicles that have it better than JT88 (SS: third from above) will remain the same

– there is not yet a definitive answer about how exactly will the TD gameplay change in the future

– the render range will change from (current) square with a 1000 meter side to a circle of 700m radius

– there are no plans to change the aiming reticle

– there are no plans to change anything for top tier German tanks (SS: as in, change the tanks themselves, not their properties) – at least in 2014

– the shell path mechanism will remain the same in HD client as it is now

– dynamic characteristics (SS: as in, you mount equipment and the characteristics of the tank in the garage change) will be added (“it’s done when it’s done”), but for now everyone is working on the new clan functions and historical battles
坦克的动态数据(SS:换句话说,你装备上一些装备,车库中坦克的属性也随之变动)会被加入进游戏(“it’s done when it’s done”),但是现在所有人都在搞新的军团机制以及历史战

– for now it is not known when there will be a buff/rebalance of tier 10 British medium tank

– there are plans to rework the conditions needed for “curageous resistance”

– transfer to new Flash (Action Script 3) is planned, Storm is not sure in which patch
有计划要切换到新的Flash版本(Action Script 3) ,但是Storm不确定是在哪个补丁切换


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