【Developer Q&A 】2013/12/29


Not much today. Players were “whining” more than usual and SerB was just skipping the questions

– Q: “What’s the point of waiting for the start of the battle for 2 minutes?” A: “a) putting a team together b) loading of the map for those, who have worse computer than you”
问:“在战斗前等大约2分钟究竟是为了什么?”答:“a)凑满两个队伍 b)让那些电脑没你好的人载入地图”

– responsibility of clans for the behavior of their members won’t be implemented (SS: as in, automatically punishing the clan is a member misbehaves)

– apparently the current aiming system is sufficient for the game (SS: some player was asking about more complicated system, like non-linear aiming times over distances)

– there was no hidden vehicle nerf (SS: in 8.10 apparently)

– there was actually a TD based on the IS-4 hull planned, there was also a TD planned on the WZ-111 hull (not 113 though)

– 122mm HE shells from D-25 do less HE damage than 120mm US shells because of the “construction of the shell” (SS: this is probably true – when researching various guns, one of the data required is the amount of filling of the HE shells, which probably means this is taken into account)

– generally, SerB is satisfied with the way HE shells work

– there is no turret armor behind the IS-4 mantlet

– it’s possible that when the multiturret mechanism is implemented, you will be able to fire with the high caliber machineguns (like the 12,7mm AAMG on the top of some vehicles for example), but SerB adds that it will do you little good


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