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今天内容不多, 更多的是俄服,欧服更新0.8.6, 然后大家应该都猜的出24号活动结束以后,25号该干嘛了吧?我就不多少了,你懂的

As predicted, today, the Russian server did recieve the 0.8.6 patch (EU server will most likely recieve it on thursday and US server next tuesday). The patch notes are a mess (they are HUGE, I really don’t envy the googleguys translating them),

but apparently, some things were ommitted from them, namely the T69 tank changes:- ground resistance for the T84E1 suspension on solid ground reduced by 8 percent and on medium ground by 7 percent

– T95 suspension turn rate buffed from 40 deg/s to 42 deg/s and recieved a ground resistance buff of 8 percent on medium grounds
T95的悬挂转向从40°/秒 buff到 42°/秒, 中型地面适应性增加8%

– engine AOSI-895-5 nerfed from 600 to 550hp
花冻鸡AOSI-895-5 功率从600 nerf到 550

Also, please note that when the patch comes live, all the camouflages, regular experience, crews and combat statistics will stay on the vehicles they were before 0.8.6, even if that vehicle changes tier (eg. if you had 10k XP on tier 8 arty, that becomes tier 10, the XP will stay on that arty, so you will have a tier 10 arty with 10k XP)

Please note that ALL the arties will have ALL the installed unlockable modules removed, effectively becoming stock. The unlocked modules will be moved to your depot. Ammunition and equipment will also be removed from the arties and moved to the depot.

Components, that will get removed from the game (for example tier 10 arty second suspensions) will be sold for their purchase price.

We also have a trailer for 0.8.6. Because, you know, putting up a video, in which too many arties chew up the enemies is really a good idea for a patch, that’s supposed to actually limit the number of arties in battles:

Anyway, today there is nothing much to translate really, only one retarded trollquestion:

– there are no plans to allow the tank crews to retrain into pilots (in connection with the WoWp/WoT account unification)

后面附上Ensign’s Q&A #7


Old-time FTR readers should know how this works, but, if you’re just joining us, here’s how this works. You send questions to tankarchives@gmail.com, and I will periodically answer them. My area of expertise is tank battles on Eastern Front and Soviet tanks, so keep your questions in that general area.

往期Ensign’s 的QA合集: 123456

Q: Why does the BL-9 in-game have a muzzle brake? Is it a real gun?

A: The recoil generated by shooting a 25 kilogram shell at 1000 meters per second is considerable, and if you didn’t have a muzzle brake, the recoil mechanisms would have to be huge, and it wouldn’t fit into a tank. The BL-9 on the ISU-122BM doesn’t have a muzzle brake, since it has more room to recoil in, similar to how the A-19 fit into the ISU-122 without a muzzle brake.

The BL-9 is a real gun. The tank version of the gun is also a real, but slightly different gun (the TD version was the OBM-50, the tank version was the OBM-51), with the same characteristics.

Q: Are the IS-8 and Object 268 sized correctly in-game?

A: In relation to each other? Yes. The hulls are different sizes in real life.

Q: Is the ST-II (twin-gun ST-I) real? What tier would it fit best at?

A: Yes, it is.

As for the tier, it’s an interesting question. The tank was built with a very high ROF in mind, 15 RPM, from the D-30 or D-10 gun. These guns have horrible penetration in game. It could be a tier 8 (since it would be a faster firing, more accurate IS-6), but I can’t see it doing too well at higher tiers without some kind of penetration buff. Seeing as how the current ST-I is languishing at tier 9 with a fictional gun that robbed it of all of its advantages, the ST-II’s fate will probably be all around poor, unless that part of the tree is significantly rebalanced.

Q: Do you think the IS-4 should be renamed to the IS-4M?

A: It would be a more correct name, but the elited version doesn’t fully represent the IS-4M, so it doesn’t really matter.

Q: Was the Object 263 an SPG?

A: Not much information is available on it, but, seeing as how many Soviet TDs were equipped with artillery sights, it is possible that it could be used in an SPG role.

Q: I noticed that the IS holds less than 30 122 mm shells, and the KV-1 can hold 50. Are howitzer shells smaller?

A: Not all shells of the same caliber are the same length. A howitzer shell often holds less propellant than an equivalent caliber gun shell, and, as a result, does not need to be as long.

Q: Did the KV-1S have the D-25T historically?

A: Historically, the KV-1S was able to mount the IS turret as a modernization measure, before enough ISes could be built. I think only one KV with a D-25T was actually built, though. A high powered 122 mm gun was also developed for it (almost as good as a BL-9), so if the D-25T isn’t historical enough, I’m sure the developers can bump it up a little.



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