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Yuri Pasholok (WG historical consultant) made another “interview” with FTA VK community. Here’s what he said:
Yuri Pasholok (WG的历史学顾问)和FTA的VK社群进行了另一次“采访”,以下是他所说过的:

– Regarding the KV-4 and its rework to HD: the KV-4 project in the game is historical, it was proposed by a designer named Dukhov and it’s goal was to use as many elements of KV-3 as possible in order to speed up the KV-4 production. The preliminary historical parameters of the vehicle can be found here:
http://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/2653499.html – they are preliminary but as you can see, this KV-4 version is lighter than the others. It would make no sense to change the vehicle into some other project in HD, especially since some KV-4 proposals resemble SPG’s more than tanks.

– When reworking vehicles to HD, WG is using materials collected during last couple of years as much as possible;

– There’s no point in replacing T110E5 with MBT-70;

– “Several dozen” well armored hightier vehicles are available for implementation but whether they will be implemented is another matter. Yuri Pasholok states that not spamming new regular branches is the right approach. According to him the game needs principally new game modes instead. New tanks implemented should be interesting or at least unusual – there’s basically enough of those amongst hightier vehicles;
“很多”防护良好的高级车可以做进游戏,但是到底要不要做又是另一码事了。Yuri Pasholok表示说不要总是出银币车线是正确的选择。他表示这个游戏需要的是新的游戏模式。新车至少要做成很有意思,或者是与众不同—而现在这种高级车已经足够多了。

– It’s theoretically possible to build a Sturmpanzer branch but whether it will be done is a question for game designers;

– There are almost no data on IS-4 based tank destroyer. There was a whole bunch of vehicles based on Object 701 (including Object 712, a bridgelayer), but there’s no drawing available for the TD, only some schematic of 152mm guns mounts developed by the design bureau of Plant No.172, it’s possible they are related;

– Swedish tanks are fine, they can build an entire branch. Italians are a bit worse off but principally they can build at least an entire MT branch;

– When asked whether “fast” Japanese light tanks exist, Yuri Pasholok replies that those tanks are basically the ones already in the game (Ha-Go, Ke-Ni, Ke-Ho). Ha-Go for example is originally a cavalry tank. The Japanese tank design school is very specific. It was heavily restricted by the vehicle weight requirements because the marines received the same tanks and their assault landing ships had the carrying capacity of 16-17 tons. The Japanese tanks were principally not bad, they were very comfortable from the crew placement point of view but the Japanese focus on navy and air force was noticeable.
当被问到日本是否有过“高速”轻坦时,Yuri Paholok回复说那些坦克其实就是游戏中现在有的这些(九五式軽戦車 ハ号,九八式軽戦車 ケニ,五式軽戦車 ケホ)。举个栗子,九五轻战一开始其实是巡航坦克。日本的坦克设计学校是非常注意细节的。它们的设计成果极大的受制于坦克的重量限制,因为他们的陆军也会收到同样的坦克,而他们的登陆舰的载重能力只有16~17吨。日本坦克在理念上是不差的,从乘员的角度来看是非常舒服的,但是日本对于海军和空军的发展更加引人注目一些。

– There are historical plans for another French light tank (Char 13t – 75) but there are no plans to put it into the game;
法国轻坦是有其它的史实计划的(Char 13t-75),但是现在没计划要给它塞进游戏里

– There won’t be a third Soviet heavy branch (“there were two main design bureaus, hence two main branches”);

– The French heavies without autoloaders that were previously planned are “at least unusual”. Yuri Pasholok is of the impression that the French in fact infected the Germans with their megalomania. The French had three projects of 150 ton weight category for example and two actually had full-scale mock-ups built. The number three means that three different companies made them – FCM, ARL and AMX.
之前准备要出的不带弹夹炮的法国重坦是被定义为“不寻常”的。Yuri Pasholok表示法国人的狂妄自大影响到了德国人。比如说法国人是有三个150吨的坦克计划的,而其中两个已经做出了等大的模型车。至于有三个的原因是有三家公司去做了这些东西—FCM,ARL和AMX

– It’s theoretically possible to introduce Shashmurin’s KV-4 design as a TD (as well as two other designs that would fill that role);

– Regarding the ingame Borsig and WT Pz IV designs – most of it was just paper but the six-roadwheel Borsig type suspension was built;

– Whether M4 with FL10 turret will be implemented is a question for game designers not historians

– Chinese TD’s are based on Soviet vehicles and their Chinese copies. However there are some unusual vehicles as well.

– Implementing the T58 Heavy Tank  would make no sense at this moment;

– E 10 will “not come before than Strv 103”;
E-10“不会比Strv 103”早出

– It’s possible to introduce the ZiS-30 TD into the game from historical point of view;

– Apparently the Object 726 would be too overpowered for WoT.

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