2014: Hard Choices

Hello everyone,

Storm lately said that in 2014, there will be only 2-3 branches and that he faces hard choices about what to pick. So, let’s help him a bit 🙂 On the right side there is a new poll, incorporaing the possibilities. This time, you can pick THREE of what you would like to see in 2014.

Current options are:

German third TD line (Sturmtiger)

British mediums (Vickers MBT)
British heavies (Chieftain prototype)
British turretted tank destroyers (possibly the Conway, FV4005)
French mediums (AMX-30)
French heavies (without autoloader, havily armored turret)
European Tree
Japanese TDs
Japanese heavies
American mediums (T95 MT)

All these branches were hinted at one way or another as options that might appear in 2014. Which three would you pick? Please note that the Chinese TDs and Chinese arty have been confirmed not to appear in 2014.


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