【Developer Q&A 】2013/08/29

source: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/08/29/29-8-2013/

– when balancing new vehicles, their use in e-sports is not specifically taken into account
– 当对新车进行平衡时,不会特别考虑它在竞技比赛中的作用

– complete re-work of the camo system (especially to include partial cover) is planned, but it will take long time
– 全面重制隐蔽机制(特别是包含了 部分遮蔽)在计划中,但是这要花很长的时间

– Storm: “We continue to give out tanks with garage slots in case of tank switches” and – when asked – specifically on the VK3001H situation, he replied “as always” (SS: other sources also confirmed that yes, you will get free VK3002M, if you have the VK3001H in your garage)
– Storm 说:“如果有坦克替换,我们依旧会发放坦克附带车位。”当问及坦克的替换尤其是 VK3001H 的替换方案时,他回答说与“与往常一样”(SS:其他途径也证实了这条消息是准确的,如果你车库里有 VK3001H,你将免费获得一个 VK3002M)

– KV-1S current armor is historical, it won’t be buffed
– 现在 KV-1S 的装甲是符合史实的,它不会被加强

– more data on your tank crew members (for example the amount of tanks they destroyed) is not collected and won’t be implemented, the developers decided so because it would significantly increase the WG database size
– 坦克乘员的更多服役数据(比如乘员击毁的坦克数量)没有被记录而且以后也不会加入,开发人员这么做是因为这些数据会明显增大 WG 的数据库容量

– captured/lend-lease tanks won’t come in 2013, they have very low priority
– 缴获/租借 坦克不会在2013年内出现,他们的优先度非常低

– a new category of tanks, “airborne tanks”, was mentioned by Zlobny, but even that has very low priority
– Zlobny 提到了一种新类型的坦克,“空运坦克”,但是它的优先度非常低

Some World of Tanks: Blitz info from Overlord
Overlord 放出的 坦克世界:闪电战 的一些消息

– the control model is already mostly decided
– 控制模式基本上决定好了

– Overlord would be glad if the public counted in millions
– Overlord 说如果公测时人数达到百万他会非常高兴

– WoTB UI is still classified
– WoTB 的UI界面还是保密的

– Windows 8 mobile support is not planned for now, iOS and Android are the top priorities
– 暂时没打算做 WIndows 8 mobile 平台的支持,iOS 和 安卓 的优先度最高

– the game should run on Nexus 10, but the focus is on Nexus 7
– 这个游戏可以在 Nexus 10 上运行,但重心还是在 Nexus 7 上

– early testing stage will definitely start this year, but the game won’t be released in 2013
– 初期阶段的测试肯定会在年内开始,但是这个游戏不会在2013年发布

– platoons will be limited to 2 players
– 最多2名玩家组队。

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