【Developer Q&A 】2014/09/28


You can check Listy’s new article about bombers over Italy. Also, Overlord is collecting feedback on the new AFK/leaver punishment system, be sure to write your opinion under his post.

– it’s not planned to split the gun caliber and the shell actual caliber (for subcaliber shells, for the purposes of overmatch for example) because such a mechanism would be incomprehensible to players

– there will not be any “anti-medals” for bad behavior in game in order not to provoke idiots, who would collect them on purpose

– oddly enough, Storm and Yuri Pasholok are publically arguing (wut?) about sending/not sending some small things about the vehicle HD models (postwar lights on ISU-152 if I see correctly), apparently there is not a very good chain of communication between the HD modellers and historians (SS: as in, modellers ignoring feedback – I wonder if this is connected to the fact that “there might be no HD models in 9.4″)
奇怪的是,Storm和Yuri Pasholok正在公开的争论(啥小?)关于是否要把高清模型上出现的小瑕疵拿去返工的问题(我没看错的话,就是ISU-152上出现了战后的车灯),在高清模型建模师与历史学家中的交流链好像有问题(SS:也就是建模师会无视反馈意见—我在想这个是不是和“9.4没有高清模型”有关系)

– Veider on general LT class buff: “We didn’t scrap that. We will change the view ranges. We simply have to have a look at (new) LT’s on main servers. How did they fit in the game, if we need to fix anything and so on. Everything according to plan.”

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