【Developer Q&A 】2013/2/22, 2/23, 2/24, 2/25, 2/26

2013.2.22 – Part 1 (我被某人从睡梦中抓来翻译-绯玖岚)掌声献给紫妈

– Storm considers the delays between RU and EU patches “very small”

– Q: “Is the Object 907 a fake?” (SS: as in “false news”, not “made up tank”) A: “It’s a tank project”
问:907计划是假货的吗(SS:是假新闻,不是指假坦克) 答:是个坦克计划(利用双关不回答问题)

– the 0.4.0 WoWp render improvement won’t be applied on WoT, as the tanks are developed differently

– it’s possible the premium tanks will be somehow developed, for example by adding special tanks that farm only XP, others that farm only money. Storm won’t disclose details, but options for premium tank development are being considered

– developers like the tutorial map a lot (SS: which means we can expect such style)

– Storm plays games on PC, he doesn’t use consoles. He was also disappointed a bit by the PS-4, as it doesn’t seem to be the nextgen console he expected

– platoon infestation is not considered a problem by Storm

Japanese time! (as requested, I will try to translate this part as precisely as possible):

Q: Were there many variants of the O-I tank? I found some mentions that for both the early and the late variants, more variants of turret placement were considered. Was there an O-I on Char (Chara? Hara?) suspension? (SS: sorry, really unclear what is meant by “Char” or “Chara”) Were there any other suspensions? Is it true that the late variant was heavier than 130 tons? When did the Japanese start working on them – 1937? 1938? If the info on the 75mm cannon is confirmed, will it be possible to stretch the O-I from tier 5 to tier 8, like it happened with the Tortoise prototype in the British TD branch? Or is this not really needed?
问:おに – 鬼(120t重型坦克)坦克有变体吗?我找到了一些提到早期和晚期变体的说法,还有更多的炮塔位置改变。有オイ在Char底盘的作品吗(我擦!B1底盘撑得住吗?)(SS:真心不知道指的是Char还是Chara)还有别的悬挂吗?晚期变体比130t还重是真的吗?脚盆鸡什么时候开始研发它们的-1937-1938?如果75mm炮的情报被确认了,可能オイ系列从5级一直伸展到8级吗,就像是英国TD线的土龟原型机一样?或者不需要这么做?

A: We know of 3 variants of turret placement and of 4 variants of suspension, including the one with “40 roadwheels”. The “Char” suspension is one of the variants. Maximum weight reached is 140 tons. The work started as really difficult this year, as very few documents arrived. As for the tier spread, there are still unresolved questions. We can clearly cover tiers 7 to 9, Iwakuro tank goes to T6 normally with its 150mm (much like the 152mm KV-2), but we have problems with tier 4 and 5
答:就目前所知,我们知道3中炮塔位置的变体和4种悬挂变 体,其中包括“40轮子”(就是大家常提到的八十只脚)。“Char”变体是其中的一种。最高重量达到了140t。今年的工作开展十分困难,因为只得到了 很少一部分文件。跟着等级的眼神还有许多没解决的问题。我们能使其从7级延伸到9级。“岩仓”坦克(音译)在6级,有一门150mm炮(类似 KV2-152),但是我们在4、5级上有问题。

Q: What are those 4 variants of suspension?
A: “Chara” (Hara, Char???), Bugatti, Interwoven single torsion bar, Interwoven double torsion bar

Q: Did the Japanese 80-wheeled supertank have torsion bar suspension? Was it multiturreted? Were more main gun caliber variants considered?
A: We assume, that the “40-wheeler” had both multiturret and singleturret variants. Tier 10 will be singleturreted. The guns will most likely be one 140mm gun, but if necessery, we can consider also 127mm and 150mm.

Q: Will the T10 TD based on the Chi-Ri?
A: Not yet decided. Known vehicles based on Chi-Ri (Ho-Ri 1 and Ho-Ri 2) would normally go on tier 8, since they are almost fully comparable to the Ferdinand. High tiers were not yet decided.
还没决定。已知基于チリ的坦克(Ho-Ri 1和Ho-Ri 2)基本上都到了8级,因为他们和费迪南很相似。更高级别的还没确定下来

Q: Were the Ho-Ri I and II open-topped?
A: On canonical drawings they are shown as closed
Ho-Ri 1和Ho-Ri 2是开顶载具吗

Q: And what about Type 95, wouldn’t it fit the role of Tier 4 heavy?
A: Type 91 and 95 both would normally go to tier 3, they are weak for tier 4. In the end it is possible to push Type 95 to tier 4 (and we’ll probably do that anyway), but it would be better to find something else

– US H.L.Yoh tanks are being considered, but the tree won’t yet be disclosed
米国H.L Yoh坦克(我找不到资料)正在被考虑中,但是坦克树还没公开。

– new unique crew abilities? “We haven’t found any suitable ones yet, when we do, we will make”

– the devs want to focus on winter maps now, there will be fewer sand maps for now

– Q: “All tier 10 heavies lost their meaning!” A: “Checked your stats, shrugged, didn’t read further”  

– SerB considers armor-relying heavies (Maus etc.) still useful, the armor has its role

– devs prefer to remove overpowered premium tank from the shop rather than rebalancing it, because that way, if they put it back for special events, only people who really want it buy it and the battles won’t get swamped by a huge number of them

– Chinese top TDs will be based on one of the current Chinese heavies, arties were not determined yet

2013.2.22 – Part 2

– Q: “Dear devs, when you removed the B2 and H38 premium tanks from the German tech tree, you argued that it’s necessery because the original vehicles will be in the French branch. Now there are the Soviet Churchills and Valentines, will you remove them too because we have the British branch?” A:”Nah, we’ll just remove the British.”
亲~你们把b2和38h2个金币车从元首的科技书中移除,声称他们原产是法国的同时, 还有苏联的户口的丘吉尔和瓦伦丁是怎么回事!!! 他们会把原籍还回去么?!!!  A: 不,我们才精简了英国线

– Storm suggests players use the Nvidia driver 306 series

– it’s not possible to leave permanent track marks, the client wouldn’t handle it
我们不会永久遗留履带的印记的, 因为客户端吃不消的。

– the gold shells were not nerfed in order to richochet more (SS: that’s a popular conspiracy theory)
不会为了让更多跳蛋发生而砍金币弹的(SS:很流行的阴谋论0 0)

– there will be no option implemented to change the look of your hangar just so (with one click) from festive to regular
不会给你做个自行选择季节特色车库和常规车库的选项的! –比如点一下就切换酱紫

– “a lot” will be changed in the camouflage system, SerB will tell “when the time is right”

– it’s confirmed that the T8 German LT line will continue to the T9 Leopard prototype, much like the Chinese branch (XP-wise too)已经确认元首8级跑车可以出9级原型豹, 就像中国线分支那样!!!(研发经验大致差不多)

– the T8 German LT properties will be “about the same as those of the AMX-13/90”

– Soviet medium premium tank will be apparently tier 7 and not 8 (SS: T-44A)

– there will be no free stuff for old players as a reward

– there will be no researchable modules for premium tanks

– it’s possible the golden derp shell prices might rise (“we’ll see”)
粗管子的金币弹可能会涨价滴(你们会知道的) 斜眼┏ (゜ω゜)=☞看183管子的 fv215b

– hangar details are set high “in order to look good”, because performance is not that needed in it


– the German LT branch will merge into the medium Leopard-1 one (RU251 – T9 Leo prototype)
元首跑车线将会一路向东 直达 豹1(Ru251到9级原型豹)

– it’s pointless to ask if T110E5 statistics are “historical”, since that tank existend only on paper
问T110E5是不是基于史实的没有任何意义!, 它就是一个图纸车!

– regarding the Chinese tanks’ characteristics, all the data came from the Chinese partners, they come from the development documents on those tanks tg线所有车辆的特征,都来源于kdw的数据并基于此开发的!!!

– artillery vehicles were unarmored even in real life, the weight of the gun forced the developers to remove armor because of the weight  炸逼的肉体即使在显示里也是没啥装甲的, 因为管子很粗所以被迫去掉了装甲

– there won’t be a special voice command that the loader would say when the gun is loaded, SerB thinks the breech clanking is enough 当装填手装弹完毕后不会有特殊的语音提示的. SerB认为后膛叮铛发声已经足够了
— 语音补丁早就用了不知道多久了….亏你还说不会做的

– SerB on capturing bases: capture points are accumulated on each tank in the base circle separately, 1 point per second (maximum 3 per second in total, eg. 3 tanks) – if there are 4 tanks in the circle, only 3/4 “collect” capture points, if 5 then 3/5 etc. SerB对占领基地的解释: 圈里的各辆坦克是分别计算占领点数最后累计的.一秒一点(最多3个坦克占领就上限了, 1秒3点.)
如果4个坦克在圈里, 只有3/4起到占领点数, 依此类推

– devs prefer open maps, because they load the server and client less, but city maps (such as “Ruinberg”) are also in
development (SS: I heard a rumor 8.5 will bring 2 maps – one winter city map (possibly Stalingrad) á la Himmelsdorf, one an open “Mexico” map) dev比较喜欢开阔的地图, 因为他们对服务器和客户端的负载都小一些. 那些城市图(类似鲁别克)也会继续开发的.(SS:我听说085会有2张图 – 一个是冬季城市图[可能是斯大林格勒])类似锡城, 一个是开阔地图[墨西哥])

– no player-designed maps option in forseeable future
– it’s possible the devs will introduce a hangar option that you will be able to see the effective armor thickness on various places of your tank, but not soon

– no customizable decals/inscriptions on tanks  不会让你自己定义坦克标语和贴花的

– Q: “Why can’t we change the colors of the tanks the way you can change the color of the planes in WoWp?” A: “So we don’t have pink tanks”
为啥我们不能像wowp里可以给灰机改变颜色那样给坦克换颜色?答: 我们没有带偏见的坦克.

– SerB personally can affect events, resp. tanks sold during them, for example he specifically was against further sale of Type 59

– the VK3002DB top engine might be unlocked for the tank following after it, “tests will show”

Japanese time: 鬼子线解说时间:

Q: There is talk on European forum about 20t STA LT variant. To be honest, it feels like an attempt to bring a LT8 out of thin air, but I’ll ask: do you have info on anything like that?
A: LT based on STA is not planned. We have no info on 20ton version.
Q:有传闻说欧服论坛上 20T STA(single tank adapter) 跑车变种。说实话感觉像凭空就来了这么一个8级跑车,到底有木有此事?

Q: The same goes for Chi-Ru medium tank. Also a fake? (earlier this name was attributed to a twin-barreled TD)
A: We don’t have any reliable sources on Chi-Ru. Maybe it’s a fake, maybe there was such a project.

Q: How did the Chi-To prototype differ from the planned mass-produced version? Which version will be introduced?
A: Most likely it differend by having a cast turret – such turrets were developed for Chi-To, Chi-Nu and Chi-Ri, but the work was not finished.
Q:关于チト的原型版和 计划的量产版本有啥不同吗?啥时候引入游戏?
A:最有可能不一样的是它将采用铸造炮塔 – 这种炮塔已经用于チト , チヌ, 和 チリ, 但工作还没有完成。

Q: What kind of premium Japanese tank will there be in advance before the whole Japanese branch, if any?
A: Won’t tell for now. The branch is still worked on, so the tanks can be shifted here and there.
Q:如果有的可能的话, 在放出整个本子线前,会 出现什么样的金币鬼子坦克呢?
A:现在不会告诉你滴, 不过这条线还在弄, 可能这条线上的东西会动来动去, 所以不要大惊小怪。

Q: If the upper limit of the O-I weight is 140t, what is the lower limit? Do you believe there was a significantly smaller 100t or less version?
A: We don’t have any data on O-I variants lighter than 100 tons.

Q: Do these naval SPG’s (one, two) count as TD’s in the game?
A: Most likely yes, TD’s.
舰载SPG在游戏里当做td么? 是的.

– it’s not planned to allow removing the tracks from Christie tanks (SS: for those who don’t know, Christie suspension allowed the tank to drive on the roads without tracks)

2013.2.24 – 感谢老婆婆热心翻译

(a lot of bullshit trolling SerB today, not in mood – skipped it) 色鬼·补考托福斯基调♂情和喷粪的部分被忽略掉了

– Q: “Dear devs, you wrote that the IS-7 is an example of an overnerfed tank. If you were to remove it, what tank would it be replaced with?” A: “We’d likely remove it totally” (SS: without replacement). SerB also stated that if IS-7 had its real life parameters, he’d be on tier 12-13, the most nerfed parameters are currently speed (IRL 60 km/h), ROF. There was a real parameter IS-7 during the alphatest – it was terribly overpowered
SerB教导我们如果-7是本来面貌的话应该是12或者13级车,然后被砍了速度(60kmph)和射速。曾经有一个真正的-7摆在alpha test玩家面前——但是他们没有珍惜。

– out of T-44, T-54 and T-62A, SerB considers the T-44 most popular

– on T9 there is Lorraine and not AMX-13/105, “because we simply think Lorraine is better”

– further tank customisation – in far future (it’s possible that in far future, hull and track models will also be changed)

– the coefficient of how much silver do you get when winning and losing is the same for all tanks, but SerB states the system is much more complex

– E-100 8.4 change? “upper frontal plate angle configuration” 8.4-E100首上倾角修正

– the same (gold) round has different parameters for different guns (D-25, BL-9), because it’s historical

– SerB likes the work of V.Vysotsky (SS: a known Russian songmaker)

Japanese answers:

Q: When the first post-war Japanese tank was being developed, the plan for the tank was 20 tons with a 76 mm gun, which was changed to a 25 ton tank with a 90 mm gun due to the T-34 during the Korean War. However, the mockup team for the 25 ton proposal realized that the armor would be too thin to deal with bazookas and anti-tank missiles, which was why uparmoring lead to the 35 ton Type 61. Based on this history (as can be read in the Japanese wikipedia article on the Type 61), couldn’t a Tier 6 and Tier 7 light tank be possible? (SS: please note that the question didn’t sound like this, this is more like an explanation)

A: These tanks (20t 76mm/25t 90mm STA) were only “sets of requirements”, they weren’t developed industry-wise. Technically, they could be introduced into the game, but there are relatively big differences between light tanks that saw combat and these “requirement” tanks. So they (STA tanks) will most likely remain as medium tanks.

About the perspective 57mm gun, SerB states it’s most likely an adaptation of naval 57mm, it might appear on “Ho-I” and the first “Chi-To” prototype, but SerB’s not sure.

– the haystack at Prokhorovka do not work as bushes (no camo bonus)
– there might be additional music added to WoT

Cheaters beware! Anti-cheat software implemented
Source: http://blogtanker.ru/wot-trepeshhite-chitaki.html#more-10527

On 20th of February, the Russian server got a small patch (which is scheduled to hit the EU server around 26.2. or so). This patch contains some small engine fixes, but also several Wargaming programs. These programs scan your client – much like the World of Warcraft software does – for illegal mods, possibly even for bots. Obviously, if it finds any, you’ll be banned. Of course if you don’t use any, you have nothing to fear.What mods are banned:

– “laser sights” (red line pointing from the barrel)
– defoliants (leaf removers)
– 3D hitskins (which make tanks transparent and show the modules inside) – please note regular hitskins are NOT banned
– tracer changes/hacks
– free camera mods


Please note: some reputable mod sites (drongolab) have been offering them lately. That does NOT mean they are okay.


– it’s theoretically possible 8.4 on RU server will come this week (SS: a very weak hint)
理论上欧服的0.8.4可能这周内更新(SS: 很没底的推测)

– the render range of tanks might be prolonged, but not anytime soon (definitely not this year)

– no tier 9 premium tanks  不会有9级金币车的!

– Aufklärungspanzer Panther confirmed, both it and the RU251 will be light tanks, but that’s all the info the devs will release for now  侦查豹和RU251已经确认都是跑车!  目前不会有更多的详细消息了

– there will be no special reward for setting a record result on a tank (SS: meant server-wide record)
破纪录的坦克没任何特殊的奖励(SS: 服务器范围内的记录)

– dynamic map objects (SS: for example random positions of various bushes, trees, wrecks) are not planned

– Q: “Why don’t you make such a skill MM as DOTA has?” A: “Well, you can always return to it”
为啥你们不像dota那样智能分房啊!!! 答:”你滚粗去玩dota好了,没人拦着你”

– according to SerB, there are no overpowered premium tanks in the game, because selling them would be less profitable than the current regular grind system
SerB说, 游戏里卖的金币车并没那么牛x, 因为销售它们的利润远比在游戏内的各种消费要低

– there will be a new replay system – the replays will be stored on the World of Tanks server for a limited time (when it’s done it’s done)会搞一个新的录像系统 – 以后录像会短期内保存在服务器端(慢慢搞,你们不要催)

– SerB states that overall, the gold ammo for silver had little effect on balance of tanks
serb说, 银币买金币弹只对平衡性有一点点影响(我去年买了个表)

– SerB is currently in Charleston, North Carolina  Serb目前在北卡罗莱纳州的查尔斯顿(旅游么?)

– there will definitely be no arty introduced in next couple of months (excluding Sexton, the answer was meant for the tier 10 arty) 接下来几个月可定不会有新炸逼引入游戏的(不包括金币炸逼Sexton,主要是说10级炸逼的事)

Also, as you have already read perhaps, there is a new mod policy going to be implemented. Overlord talks about it on his blog, but so does Storm. Storm’s post was actually translated by Overlord, so I won’t post that here, but here are some points from Storm’s post discussion:
然后是对插件法案的说明, 完全是由overlord来翻译storm的文章.我这里不会再po全文了,简要概括下好了:

– there will be new extended statistics introduced for each player (for example split of company and random battles statistics)
– 将会有新的更详细的各个玩家的战绩统计信息(例如联队和随机战分离统计信息)

– apparently the “Damocles sword” artillery aim helper is a cheat according to Storm
很明显, 炸逼准星插件”Damocles sword” 也是违规插件 –Storm说
Damocles Sword
最新版的aleksLee的插件请猛戳这里跳转查看:  ┏ (゜ω゜)=☞

– it’s theoretically passible 2D hitzone skins will be banned too, it’s still discussed

– ENB and SweetFX “shader injectors” (whatever that is) are legal
ENB和SweetFX 这样的阴影优化插件是合法的

– if I understand this correctly, “zoom mod” (sniper mode zoom more than usual) will be banned also
如果我理解正确, “倍率放大修改”插件也会被禁止的(狙击模式下32倍,64倍这样的)

– Storm plans to implement “special checking of client files and other measures”, will work for bots

Overlord confirms anti-cheat campaign Overlord在排除非法插件的问题:
Source: http://overlord-wot.blogspot.cz/2013/02/wot-new-mod-policy.html
Specifically, he names following actions:

  • Disable everything that gives any kind of advantage in direct form: laser-like pointer, transparent tree crowns, hit-box like skins in-game, etc
    (禁止一切使用后就占有很大优势的插件): 比如激光炮线, 透明树冠, 弱点插件等.
  • Also there is an intention to disable mods that are using modified client scripts (automated fire extinguisher, automated repair kit, auto-shooting etc)  
    对于有修改客户端脚本的插件目前也倾向于需要禁止(人为自动触发自动灭火,自动修理零部件, 自动射击开炮)
  • Mods that are not related to scripts and only modifies visual side of UI will still be tolerable (WR efficiency mods, XVM, etc)
    那些没有涉及脚本类的插件,只为了视觉类UI的依然可以使用(WR 效率, XVM等)
  • Some mods can be integrated into the game client (which ones – under discussion).

Overlord states that the whole issue is a complex one and it will not be ready for 8.4.
这是个长期艰巨的任务, 8.4肯定搞不完的

2013.2.26  最近SerB在外旅游,最近qa不多,凑合看看就好

– each crewmember gets as much XP for the fight as the tank does (unless a crewmember is wounded)
每个坦克成员只要没受伤, 获得的总经验和坦克获得的经验是一样第

– AMX-13/90 reload time won’t be lowered from 40 to 35s13 90 的装填时间不会从40秒降到35秒的

– at some point, the balance weight of the vehicles of different class but same tier (for HT, MT, TD) might be the same (not soon)
在某些时候,同等级不同类别(HT,MT,TD)的车子的权重可能是一样 感谢紫妈纠正


From the discussion:

– it’s not decided that all modifications of *.pyc files will be banned (as previously deduced). It’s just an idea, currently under evaluation, the previous “ban announcement” was trolling

– the devs are thinking about official mod builds, but there is a problem with support of those during new patches
dev正在考虑官方制作插件, 但是版本更新的时候支持会有些问题

– dynamic tank properties in garage: when it’s done it’s done (SS:unrelated to the discussion)
动态坦克车辆属性显示 (做好了再告诉你)

– Storm himself plays without mods  Storm自己不用插件玩山口丁

– currently, the most likely first mod to be implemented according to Storm is the reload timer
据storm说, 目前最有可能被官方集成的插件是 显示装填时间的瞄准mod

– Storm describes how to fight laser pointer mod: “It’s for example possible to check the gun length in the runtime, if it’s longer than for example 30 meters, it doesn’t get rendered”
storm详细阐述了如何打击激光炮线插件: “比如可以实时检查: 管子长度是否长于30米,如果是就不渲染出来”

关于元首的7级侦查豹的详细资料如下: 只翻译亮点重点
Hello everyone,

yesterday it has been sort-of confirmed (well, confirmed again) by Storm that Wargaming has not abandoned the tier 7 light tank Aufklärungspanzer Panther idea. As an upgrade to the VK2801, it sort of fits – it’s big, heavy and cumbersome. Let’s have a look at this vehicle. 已经确认7级侦查豹了. 很大,很笨重!

History历史来源部分我就不翻了吧, 想看的童鞋自己翻wiki吧

Not a lot is known about the recon Panther. It was a project from early 1942. W.Spielberger in his book “Panther and its variants” (Panther und seine Abarten) states:

“Also worth mentioning here is a recommendation by the Ministerium für Rüstung und Kriegsproduktion from 1942, calling for the Panther to be built as a recoinnaissance vehicle along with the planned Leopard combat recoinnaissance vehicle. The turret under consideration had originally been developed by Daimler-Benz for the 8-wheeled Panzerspähwagen ARK. With somewhat increased armor, it was to be used on both the Leopard and Panther recoinnaissance vehicles.”

So, as you can see, it was basically a Panther hull with the Leopard turret. It was to be armed with a new 50mm gun, using the KwK 39 L/60 barrel – the contract for development of this gun was awarded to Krupp and Rheinmetall in January 1942. First units were scheduled to be manufactured in October/November 1942, but the development never really continued, it stayed in the “that’s a cool idea” phase, much like other German projects. And that’s basically it. Not much else is known for sure. We can however look at the planned properties of this vehicle, based on the research.

What would be the point of even proposing such a massive vehicle. Books don’t mention this specifically, but after consulting some people, who are big fans of the German vehicles, we came up with following conclusions:

– existing Panther plants, making a Panther based vehicle is cheaper than building a new plant just for that one tank
– the Panther hull was only marginally more expensive than the Panzer IV hull (note that by 1945, Panzer IV’s were scheduled for phasing out and were to be replaced by the Panthers)
– the engines and drivetrains were already there also

Properties  属性

Historically, the Panther belongs BEFORE the VK2801 (VK2801 was a later project), therefore we can theoretize it will be heavier (otherwise putting it on tier 7 instead of 6 makes no sense), which means the hull will most likely have the full armor of the Panther. 历史上, 侦查豹在vk2801之前的(vk2801是之后的项目了)所以捏理论上侦查豹要重一些

The turret is more interesting. Spielberger mentions a Leopard turret, while Hilary Doyle (in his Panzer Tracts 20-2) mentions several types of Leopard turrets. The most common variant is already in World of Tanks. Doyle mentions that the turret is very similiar to the Sd.Kfz.234/2 turret (a heavy armored car with a 50mm gun). The turret had 50mm frontal armor sloped at 20 degrees, the sides are 30mm thick at 30 degrees. It’s quite possible the ingame AP will use this as a stock turret (quite sure in fact, because the Leopard turret is the most historical option) and the VK2801-ish turret as an upgrade. Second option is the Schmalturm (unlikely, this would make the Panther practically a clone of the medium one). Third option is the Beobachtungsturm (from the artillery vehicle, I’ll get to that later).
炮塔比较有意思了,比较和Sd.Kfz.234/2 turret 相似,(重甲可以装50mm的管子), 炮塔前部50mm带20°倾角, 侧面30mm带30°倾角, 很可能游戏内会使用这个做白板炮塔(其实十分肯定,因为豹炮塔是历史最悠久的)而且VK2801的ish炮塔作为升级炮塔。第二个选项是 Schmalturm(这个不大可能的,实际上克隆中型坦克的)。第三个选项是Beobachtungsturm。

The gun – all we know it was supposed to be a 50mm L/60 – Doyle uses the KwK 39/1 designation. Its (ingame) properties are unknown, but unlikely to differ from the KwK 39, because most of the work was focused on pressing it into the smaller turret. It’s also unlikely that the vehicle will be armed only with a 50mm gun. I think that when we look at other tier 7 light tanks, we can expect the (unhistorical but necessery at this point) 75mm L/70 gun. Personally, I very much doubt the 88 will make an appearance, as this would require a massive turret (some sort of Schmalturm), making the vehicle basically a copy of the medium Panther. L/70 seems to be an acceptable compromise.
管子的话, 最有可能是50mm KwK 39/1  L/60 – Doyle 设计.游戏内的具体属性还未知.  从其他的7级跑车的炮来看,还是可以期待下75mm L70的,个人来讲,88也有可能!!!, 如果是Schmalturm炮塔的话, L/70应该是可以接受的!

Engine – well, this is where the big difference will assumingly lie. I think we can assume the original stock engine to be the HL210/HL230 (650-750hp). The top engine – my guess would be the HL234. This 750hp (Spielberger states 850hp) engine was used in Panther II variant under the designation Gerät 544. Now, I am not sure it would fit into the AP, but we can definitely expect stronger engines than the ones of the medium Panther. Another option would be the MB507 (850hp) Panther variant, considered for Panther Ausf.G. A rather exotic option would be the GT 101 gas turbine (1150 horsepower).
花冻鸡的话, HL210/HL230 (650-750hp). 完全体花冻鸡我猜可能是HL234-750hp (Spielberger指出是850hp)
我也不确定,另一个可能是MB507 (850hp)[来自Panther Ausf.G] 另一个大胆的想法是GT 101 gas turbine (1150 HP).Orz

How does it fit together, what can we expect ingame?

Please note that this part is a pure speculation. Basically, what we can expect would be a very heavy “light” tank, possibly a passive scout.

First, let’s have a look at how the vehicle will move. Let’s take the 8.3 (!) VK2801 as a comparison (because not everyone had the possibility to test the 8.4 one). The VK2801, in its top configuration, has roughly 26,1 hp per ton (this influences the acceleration a lot, but also the steering to some extent).

And what about the Aufklärungspanzer Panther? Let’s say it’ll have the Leopard turret, 50mm gun, a 750hp engine (eg. a somewhat stock variant).

Stock ingame Panther weights 44,9 tons. Let’s say we remove the gun and the turret, that’s 33,56 tons left. Next, we add the ingame weight of the 50mm L/60 and the Leopard turret, that’s 37,26 tons. And as final touch, let’s add the best radio (+80kg) and upgrade the engine to 750hp HL 230, that’s another 80kg. So, total weight, 37,34 tons for 750hp, that’s nearly exactly 20hp per ton
To compare:  推重比较的话

Aufklärungspanzer Panther – 20hp/ton
VK2801 (8.3) – 26,23hp/ton
Leopard (8.3) – cca 25hp/ton in its top configuration
AMX-13/75 – cca 20hp/ton in its top configuration
WZ-131 – cca 23,3hp/ton in its top configuration

Well, it seems like the Aufklärungspanzer Panther is not THAT bad, even though it sure looks big and heavy. If we upgrade the engine even more (HL234, 750kg, 870hp ingame), we’ll get at 23,3hp/ton and that’s really not terrible. A fun fact: if Wargaming decided to go wild and install the GT 101 jet turbine engine (450kg, 1150hp), we’d get whopping 31hp/ton.

What is NOT the Aufklärungspanzer Panther

There was one more proposal based on the Panther chassis, shown in Doyle’s Panzer Tracts 20-2: the “Artillerie-Panzer-Beobachtungswagen Fahrgestell Panther”. Basically it was an armored artillery spotter post based on the Panther hull – there were several turrets considered, including a modified regular Panther turret with a 50mm KwK 39/1 L/60 gun, or a special Beobachtungsturm (I mentioned in the turret section). Most turret options were however equipped with a mock-up wooden gun. The vehicle was equipped with very advanced series of optics, including a rangefinder, so it can be expected the viewrange of such a turret in WoT would be very high. This is how it looked:

And here a closeup of the turret

(photos uploaded by Vito_Von_Bang, EU forum, originally from Panzer Tracts 20-2)

Hard to tell, how will WG implement this vehicle. Could be a relatively decent tank, could be a disaster. Let’s hope it’s the first.
总之最后wg搞成什么样还很难说, 或许是个比较”像样”的坦克,也可坑是一个天坑。希望它是前一个吧。


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