【Developer Q&A 】2013/12/28


– Q: “How the hell are the guns of tier 8 and 9 German Waffenträgers balanced” (SS: as in, physically – so the vehicle doesn’t tip over when firing) A: “You’d have to ask engineer Hans”

– Q: “So, if the guns aren’t balanced, how the hell do you aim that thing when the hull is even a bit tilted?” A: “You’d have to ask gunner Fritz”

– historically, Chi-Ri had four types of suspensions planned: two models of Hara suspension, the Bugatti suspension and something called “blocked torsion bar” suspension. Two of those will be implemented on various hulls and we’ll think about the other two too

– various O-I models will be used as much as possible in the Japanese heavy line

– apparently, Italians will be the a separate (possibly next) nation to be implemented, they will apparently (not confirmed!) have a separate tank tree, but not very soon (SS: if that happens, I’ll get really pissed – Italians have less vehicles available than Czechoslovaks and most of the hightiers are just American copies (M47 with 105mm) or various fantasy crap, there is nothing Italian above tier 7)


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