the first part of the Cyprus meeting is finally completed, this is a resume of the conversation we had withMarkus, Florian and Slava, tomorrow will start working on Viktor Kislyi‘s aka second part:


-If we stopped introducing content and made 2016 the year of fixes, would this be enough? – No.

-Although there was a lot of content released in 2015, Wargaming admits the regularity of the patch releases could have been more consistent.

-With the meltdown of the Russian market, the Russian team had to come up with ways to reinvent the game to attract RU players back to the game as well as improve retention of existing players and this obviously has a knock-on effect on content released everywhere else.

-The conversation group in consensus asked to bring back fun events (like Karl 8-bit and Chaffee Race) every 6 months (specially during IRL events like World Cup who tend to drain playerbase away) which was WG agreed with and will explore possibilities.

-Wargaming admits that Rampage mode its “not so good, to put it midly”.

-Instead of keep on adding games, they want to focus in making the game better (fixes and tweaks of already existing content)

-When Artillery was initially introduced it was meant to stop camping and had Light Tanks and other SPGs as natural enemies but nowadays the biggest issue about it is that Light Tanks are obsolete and unable to spot/kill SPG due to corridor maps.

-“There is no point in playing Light Tanks at the moment unless you are completing Personal Missions”

-The game nowadays is more static because there are no flanking maneuvers giving more power to artillery, instead of preventing camping is causing the oposite desired effect.

-Because of all the equipment/consumables available the tanks are now more precise than they were 5 years ago making Lights Tanks easier to shoot, also, because of New Physics, Light Tanks have a harder time getting one point to another.

-A newER physics will be implemented hopefully by 9.15 (It still needs further testing)

– Although map sizes are the same, they have become smaller. WG experimented with making maps bigger but the idea wasnt viable due to vehicles like T95 and Maus. Currently they are exploring the idea of adding extra map spawns to facilitate slower tanks.

-Corridor maps were a mistake made by their creators, the idea was to increase the survability of tanks like Maus by minimizing flanking options and that destabilized the ecosystem (LTs)

-Light tanks lost their value on these “corridor maps” because they couldn’t flank as easily as before so tended to use the same routes as the mediums.  This led to the dominance of TDs hidden at the end of these “corridors” killing whatever the HT/MTs were engaging, without the LTs being able to flush them out.  To combat this, the view range of almost all TDs was reduced, but with mediums and heavies in the front line dropping Vents for Optics and using premium consumables, they were reaching the view range cap and performing the scouting role as well as or better than the LTs.  One option is to reduce the view range of mediums as well as the TDs.  Another possiblw fix is to drop the battle tier spread of Lts, so for example, a tier 6 LT would only see tier 7 and 8 battles instead of 7 to 9.  This, however, brings it’s own balancing problems, a Walker Bulldog that only sees tier 8 and 8 battles would be a force to be reckoned with!

Right now there are two out of maybe forty maps where a LT has good spotting opportunities – Prokhorovka and Malinovka.  Even here it depends on which side the LT spawns.

It’s possible to address some of the current issues by making changes to the maps once again, but fixing class balance issues by changing maps isn’t what WG want to do, they’d rather fix the class issues directly.

-Several options were discussed for making artillery more useful for teams and less frustrating for both artillery players and artillery victims.  Rather than being a simple indirect fire damage class, artillery could have access to specialist ammunition such as smoke shells, illuminations shells (taking a leaf out of Armored Warfares’ book) cluster munitions to “debuff” enemy tanks by doing critical damage rather than hit point damage.
Medium tank wolfpack threatening to break through a flank and only one TD in a position to stop them?  Drop a salvo of cluster munitions on them to slow them down by detracking them and temporarily incapacitating their crews, then drop smoke on the TD to keep him hidden as he takes advantage of their sudden vulnerability.

-Also, with the possible inclusion of night maps and maps with realistic weather conditions, the ability of LTs to detect enemy tanks through, smoke, rain, snow, fog and darkness may help bring a battlefield role back to LTs, and specialist artillery ammuntion like illumination shells would give artillery some value to the team other than simply raw damage.


-Another issue is to do with equipment and crew skills.  Right now the choice of equipment to fit to any given class of tank is either right or wrong.  There are no alternative equipment loadouts that give you the option to play that class of tank differently.  It’s the same with crew skills.  Camo/repairs to 100%, drop for 6th Sense, camo/repairs to 100% again, drop for Brothers in Arms, then repeat.  What WG want to do is make different equipment loadouts other than vents/rammer/optics a viable choice.  No-one uses Enhanced Torsion Bars, but if (for example) Enhanced Torsion Bars gave you a increased chance to resist the debuff effect of a new artillery cluster munition and / or increased your terrain resistance, it might be worth getting.

-Crew skills also need looking at.  Choosing which crew skill to train next should mean something, making the choice of which skill to train should mean making an actual choice instead of just choosing in which order to get the skills.  The Commander skills in World of Warships are a better way of doing it, but they’re still not perfect, at some point your Commander will eventually have every skill, but if choosing one skill in a tier meant that you couldn’t choose any others from the same tier, the choice would actually mean something.  The difference between any two given players should be in the choices they made, not in the time they spent accumulating enough points to have every skill.  None of this is final, of course, but it shows you the kind of thought that WG are giving the subject.

-Ideally WG want people to have more choices.  This means making more equipment useful and making the crew skill choices meaningful.  To support these kind of changes it may be possible to have a “lobby” system before you enter battle where you could select the equipment loadout that you want to take into battle with your chosen tank from a range of pre-saved loadouts, for example.  Changes like this, in combination with more useful and varied equipment modules may mean that the way you play any given tank could be completely different depending on what map is in the rotation and the loadout you select for it.

-Looking at crew skills again, right now they’re all passive.  You don’t have to press a button to make the crew repair the tracks, they just do it.  Don’t panic, what WG do NOT want to do is make you press a button to have your crew start doing repairs, or camoflaging the tank etc, but what if crew skills came with an active feature as well as the passive benefit?  What if active Sixth Sense allowed you to see through concealment for a short time as well as the passive benefit?  What if Active Repair skill immediately repaired all damaged modules, the same way a premium repair kit does, except you could use it once every two minutes?

-Regarding premium ammunition, the problem isn’t the premium ammunition, it’s the “corridor maps” that force mediums to meet heavies face to face and give them no choice but to load premium ammuntion to beat them.  The easy solution is to nerf penetration, but a better solution is to make flanking more viable for mediums and lights.

WG would like to go back to the days when each nation had their own characteristics.  Germans were all about the accuracy, French were mobility and light armour, Soviets had big alpha damage but poor accuracy.  With the introduction of so many new nations, this “flavour” seems to have been lost.  Once you’ve got more than three or four tech trees you start to run out of options to make each nation unique, but there are still options.  British HESH ammunition doesn’t necessarily have to be just HE that has better penetration (and is a waste of time using on anything other than the FV215B 183).  French HEAT ammuntion on the AMX30B combined high penetration with the velocity of APCR, but right now it’s just regular HEAT.
WG也想要回到当初那种每个国家都有自己特色的日子。德国就是精准至上,法国就是脆皮高机动,苏联高伤但是精准很烂这样。但是由于游戏中已经有了这么多的国家,这个“特色”已经没有了。当游戏中出现超过三个或者四个科技树的时候,就没有太多办法让每个国家都具有特色了,但是办法还是有的。英国的HESH弹并不需要做成穿深更高的HE弹(当然除了FV215B 183用HESH以外其他车用都没什么屁用)。法国的AMX30B的HEAT弹结合了高穿深和APCR的高弹速,但是现在它也只是常规的HEAT而已。

-WG would like to see more choices available to players in the same way that Chinese mediums have the choice of taking a big alpha damage gun or a rapid firing lower calibre “medium tank” gun.  Chinese mediums are a good example of giving players a choice.  Soviet mediums like the T-54 are a bad example.  With the T-54s two top 100mm guns players were supposed to make the choice between good gun stats or higher penetration, but what actually happens is players choose the gun with the better gun handling and make up the difference in penetration with premium ammunition.  There’s no real choice involved.  WG want to get away from this kind of thinking and make weapon and equipment choices on your tanks something that is more than a good/bad choice.  There should be more than one good choice.
WG想要让玩家有更多的选择余地,就像中国中坦让大家在单发高伤炮或者是小口径速射“中坦”炮之间二选一一样。苏联中坦, 比如T-54这样的就不行了。苏联的两个顶级100mm炮本来是让玩家选到底是要火控还是高穿深,但是实际情况是大家都跑去选了火控好的炮,穿深问题就靠金币弹弥补了。完全没有什么选择的余地。WG想要做出更多的类似于中国中坦主炮这样的决定,让坦克上的武器和装备的决定是一种比非黑即白更高层次的决定。应该有大于一种的“正确选择”。

-The buff to the machinegun turret on the T110E5 was unintended and a result of changing the model from SD to HD.  Oops!

-WG want to simplify the way information about the tanks is presented in the game.  Right now you look at a bunch of numbers in the garage, but without experience of playing the game you don’t know if those numbers are good or bad.  Is 40mm of turret armour good at tier 4?  Is 0.4 accuracy good for a tier 6 medium?  Rather than showing raw numbers, perhaps a rating system would be better?  If a tank has 5/5 armour rating in it’s tier, you immediately know it’s a tough tank before you even play it.  Of course, experienced players still want to see the numbers, but we want to see ALL the numbers, including gun depression, terrain resistance, aiming bloom, etc.  Numbers like this might be accessable via drop down menus from the basic tank stats, or on a seperate screen.  Changes like this would prevent people from trying to use AMX40s as scouts because “hey, it’s a light tank.”

-The one thing that kept coming up over and over was the issue of choice.  WG want to give players more choices and for those choices to be both useful and playable.  There should be less wrong choices in how you set up, equip and train your tanks and more right choices that are more or less right depending on how you like to play.


  1. “像这样的数据可以让大家不再把AMX40当做眼车来用,仅仅是因为“你看这是轻坦耶” —-> ”鸭子斜着眼看着LT:不服来顶牛啊!!“

  2. @生活如此傲娇 大大,请问怎样才能查询单车100到1000之间的排名呢?毕竟1K以内的差距还是挺大的感觉

  3. 呵呵什么游戏性都是后话如果优化还不行那么再好的游戏性没有电脑带起来玩毛,不是每个人都会为了一个游戏去话很多的钱升级电脑···我是2年前第一次接触坦克但是我觉得我玩的越来越卡越来越无聊越憋气···游戏不是让我们一味加强所谓的技术和意识···以前我至少觉得开场开个伊拉克去肉侦也很开心。

      • 我的770m和I7 4710开最低效,5~6个人在一起对抽就掉帧到10多帧去··没有什么人的时候就90多你能说什么·再来就是在aida64上看cpu和gpu的使用率都是不到50内存更别说还是用不到20

        • 我的奔腾B960+610M,最低特效,挂着一点别的软件,窗口模式,一群人对抽的时候也保持在20帧多,不是很懂你们土豪怎么用的电脑。呵呵。

          • 而且 显卡610 第一位是代数,6代,但是第二位是性能,才1 啊。。。。而且还是移动端,说真的 要我就换了。。。

          • 嘛嘛,那个是2012年买的本子,而且不是自己挑的。。。今年估计要换个好的打坦克才舒心啊

          • 12年的本子能用这么长时间,本子也算是敬业了。。。。讲道理 我发现还是台式机爽,虽然我现在用的是本子….

        • 必然是你的设置或者驱动问题啊 或者你就是MACBOOK的虚拟机下玩的 显卡驱动转换会有很大BUG,我最差的那台本子630m+i5 3210m 特效开到中 所有画面都30fps以上

    • 联想R5 230飘过 60、70FPS 是你自己不会设置图像 渣配置(台式机笔记本都行)就把阴影、阳光、后期渲染、全部关掉(这些非常消耗) 附加打到小(关掉没火炮线)。
      这个时候视野距离 和贴图质量(第一个图像选项)你反而可以打到最大。别问我为什么懂,问题在于你爱信不信

  4. 讲道理白毛子在做WOT的时候还是挺务实的,但是务实过了头就变得有点短视了。还有就是想吐槽一下白毛子之前的改法太简单粗暴了点。

  5. 说白了还是车型界定出的问题,为嘛中坦上配件+JB蛋就成了轻坦+重坦的结合型?火炮就更别提了,除了砸还是砸,一丁点的战术技能作用都没有。锉刀挫的再狠也是为了做大限度改正设计错误,治不了本质的。

  6. 最后一条我真是太同意了,需要让新手甚至是一些有精咽,我是说经验的车长知道,开的车的作用不仅仅局限在5个坦克类型上,这应该会避免一定程度上的“开个伸缩/抗线车打黑枪”的行为,或许能让大家从坦克性能评分(借用文中的举栗)类似的系统中改变第一眼评价的方式


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