【Developer Q&A 】2014/10/02


So, interestingly enough, according to Wotleaks VK site… remember the T-34-85M? Wanted it? Yea, tough luck, it’s not going to allegedly be for sale. At all. It’ll be some sort of event reward tank – how, when or if at all it will be possible to get, that we do not know.

But the good news (for stronk EU clans) is at least that Wargaming EU is recruiting stronk clans for Stronkhold testing. Various community managers are contacting leaderships of “active and well-estabilished” clans, offering them 20 thousand gold to clan treasury to participate in public testing of Stronghold – the clan task would be to provide extensive feedback and to provide replays and screenshots from the testing, especially those of bugs. Interestingly enough, this seems to concern only clans, currently present on CW map.


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