9.2 Update Notes – 0.9.2正式更新日志

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9.2 Update Notes

New Content

  • New Strongholds mode for Clan Wars introduced  引入军团作战之要塞模式
  • SU-85I Soviet tank destroyer (tier V, Premium) added to in-game shop su85i以后在商店有的卖了

【Developer Q&A 】2014/07/14

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definitely check out Chieftain’s article on the movie Fury, well worth reading. Also, you can check out Listy’s article on 3.7in British tank mortar.
去看看Chieftain的文章吧, 绝对有料 ┏ (゜ω゜)=☞article on the movie Fury
另外也去看看Listy的文章┏ (゜ω゜)=☞ 3.7in British tank mortar.
– the T-62A SPORT experience, after the football mode ends, will be transferred to MS-1

– US premium TD M56 Scorpion is planned for this year
今年年内计划加入米国金币TD – M56 蝎式
[顽童搜集各路ftr的原来资料和wiki, 大概找到如下材料, (M56 “蝎式”:基于M42防空车底盘,装载90mm M54炮–基本就是T69的那门90炮吧(均穿大概173,金币弹可能到200左右,左右射界各30度左右),越战中被美军的173空降旅所使用,后来则被M551 谢里登轻型坦克所取代[因为人家至少有个炮塔]。M56的真实极速为45km/h), 游戏里大概和E-25级别的隐蔽相当, 灵活性和加速性屌炸天,不过装甲可以完全忽略来着

– no new info whether the Aufklärungspanzer Panther is going to be replaced by something else



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Enabled Spectator Mode — 在训练房里可以开启观察者模式

First feature is the enabled spectator mode in the training battles. In the menu, it looks like this:


Spectator mode allows you to simply watch from the point of view of every tank on the map. It’s used mainly in e-sports obviously. Here for example, a player is (during an ongoin battle) looking through the eyes of enemy team artillery. You can simply switch between friendly and enemy tanks by pressing the mouse buttons.



9.1/9.2 Murovanka Comparison

9.1 和 9.2 中穆勒玩卡地图的改变:

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

as you know since yesterday, the Murovanka map is going to be reworked and it’s going to be made bigger (from 800*800 to 1000*1000). Here’s how it’s going to look, when both minimaps are compared. Note the landscape changes and additional cover for the southern base.
昨天得知, 这Murovanka地图从800 x 800 尺寸 扩大到1000x 1000, 然后右下角的坑洼地带也变大了!!!!详细自己对比下看看小地图吧(带黑色的时候,红框内是9.1的)