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Since this is not on EU portal yet (would be marginally more useful to post this instead of another premium shop bundle), here’s the Russian server explanation for the accuracy change in 9.6.
鉴于欧服官网上还没有这个(发这个能比金币车礼包稍微强一丁点),以下是毛服对于0.9.6的精准度改动的解释:  继续阅读

How MM works——论分房



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Hello everyone,

How Armor Works——论装甲

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Ever wonder why your round bounces off of a lightly armored tank even though it should have went through? I found myself wondering the same thing before I understood how World of Tanks calculates armor.  This page will hopefully dispel any questions relating to how armor is calculated, zero damage hits, and all that fun stuff that angers many in World of Tanks.
有没有想过为什么你的炮弹明明在能够击穿装甲时却被那些很薄的装甲弹开? 我在理解坦克世界的装甲机制之前也想不明白这个问题。本文将通过讲解装甲计算方法,零伤害击穿及所以这种让人恼火的情况,来消除你的疑惑 。

Effective Armor

Lets start off with effective armor and how it is calculated.  Many players are able to figure out and look into the amount of armor each tank has in specific locations.  Many will see that “x” tank has 150mm of armor on the front glacis so therefore if they have a gun that has 160mm-200mm penetration they would be able to damage it.  What is not fully explained is that the slope(or angle) of the armor increases the effectiveness of that armor immensely.  Effective armor refers to the thickness of the armor combined with the angle to figure out how much penetration is actually required to penetrate.  Effective armor values are only used against HE, HESH, and HEAT shells as these shells do not “normalize” but more on that later.


Matchmaker fail in 0.8.6

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Source: http://world-of-kwg.livejournal.com/209487.html

Basically, Storm made a post, where he asks people to present MM fail screenshots. Currently, there are apparently some issues with the matchmaker in 0.8.6, namely the fact, that since tier 10 heavies have the same MM weight as tier 10 arties, currently it is possible for one team to have two tier 10 heavies and the other two tier 10 arties. Storm is currently considering what to do with it.

I will follow this post to see, whether they come to some conclusion.


About fixing battles

Hello everyone,

several people asked me yesterday, how does one “fix” random battles when the matchmaking takes the players from the entire server. It shouldn’t be possible to do, right?

So just a quick description how this works. Next time there is some competition (you know, like the one for 0.8.5 – top XP gainers from each class etc.), check on how many of the victors are clanners and how many of representatives of those clans are present.

Of course, it could mean such clans are simply that great… or it could mean something else entirely.

How to do it

Here’s an example of a fixed battle (thanks to Rasan and his clanmate):

Link to replay (version 0.8.2): http://wotreplays.com/site/225264#ensk-guest-amx_13_90

Here you can see a typical (albeit lowtier) example of fixing battles. Several friends (this time from different clans, although Suicide Division (S-D) and Valkyria (VLK) are present on both sides) decided to allow the T1 Cunningham to get an insane XP gain.

Basically, what the culprits do is they abuse the MM mechanism for matching platoons. This works best around 4-5AM, when there are very very few players on the server. Few players means few platoons. In other words: if you suddenly create two 3 man platoons (those are rarer) and click on “battle” at the same time, you have a really high chance of ending against each other, because there will be no more 3 man platoons online at that point and the matchmaker will have no other choice than to compensate by putting your friends’ platoon against you.

0.8.6 Jpz E-100 camouflage effect –以后带网子粗门是常态么!

0.8.6 Jpz E-100 camouflage effect

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/2021014.html
Author: newsashThis is an interesting post by Russian player, testing the Jagdpanzer E-100 8.6 camo – with and without bush. The spotting vehicle is a FV4202 with 100 percent crew, without binoculars or coated optics, but with radioman’s viewrange perk. The bush mentioned in the table is on Malinovka, like this:
在蹲坑卡, 用fv4202和白兔做隐蔽测试, 用的100%成员, 木有炮队,木有高光。

And the result? Here is the distance in meters, on which the Jpz E-100 gets spotted…. (notice my elite photoshop skill, which I used to insert the text so nicely…)

match making-MM工作机制(即配对分房机制)

Updated for 0.8.5 How does the Match Maker work?
更新至0.8.5 配对分房机制如何工作

World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armoured warfare in the middle of the 20th century. The core of its gameplay consists of two teams made of 15 players, fighting on a battlefield against each other.


The vehicles that are present on the battlefields are divided into classes (light, medium and heavy tanks, self-propelled anti-tank guns and tank destroyers). The classes are split over 10 tiers.