On IS-4 model accuracy – 论IS-4的模型精准

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Source: Yuri Pasholok’s blog

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an interesting thing appeared on Yuri Pasholok’s blog. On the example of the IS-4, Yuri Pasholok demonstrates, how much can various projections differ from reality. He states that if someone claims some vehicle to be modelled after “factory drawings”, you don’t have to take that claim too seriously, because – if I understood what he wrote correctly, there is not only a significant difference between various book drawings and the final product, there is also a difference between the general factory drawings and the final product.

Basically, production plans consist of series of detailed partial drawings, by which the vehicle parts are created. General drawings however (as in, general overview, even though created by the same factory) tend to be much less accurate (this is apparently the reason why for example Wargaming preferred the partial IS-3 turret plans to the general model in the recent IS-3 turret changes).









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there were some additional changes in 0.8.10 T2. Formally, there were no changes of the vehicles from T1 apart from the STB-1 nerf as far as I can see. The only other thing I noticed was the fact Panther I got renamed to Panther.

How Armor Works——论装甲

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Ever wonder why your round bounces off of a lightly armored tank even though it should have went through? I found myself wondering the same thing before I understood how World of Tanks calculates armor.  This page will hopefully dispel any questions relating to how armor is calculated, zero damage hits, and all that fun stuff that angers many in World of Tanks.
有没有想过为什么你的炮弹明明在能够击穿装甲时却被那些很薄的装甲弹开? 我在理解坦克世界的装甲机制之前也想不明白这个问题。本文将通过讲解装甲计算方法,零伤害击穿及所以这种让人恼火的情况,来消除你的疑惑 。

Effective Armor

Lets start off with effective armor and how it is calculated.  Many players are able to figure out and look into the amount of armor each tank has in specific locations.  Many will see that “x” tank has 150mm of armor on the front glacis so therefore if they have a gun that has 160mm-200mm penetration they would be able to damage it.  What is not fully explained is that the slope(or angle) of the armor increases the effectiveness of that armor immensely.  Effective armor refers to the thickness of the armor combined with the angle to figure out how much penetration is actually required to penetrate.  Effective armor values are only used against HE, HESH, and HEAT shells as these shells do not “normalize” but more on that later.




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this is NOT a full list of visual and armor model changes (that will come later), these are only the changes, that were mentioned in the test patch notes. Here goes.

Warning: this post is very picture heavy

WoT 9.0: an early look – 0.9.0前瞻

来源: http://www.worldoftanks-wot.com/updates/wot-9-0/

It has been mentioned multiple times by the developers that WoT 9.0 will be released at the end of this year, around New Year, but no official release date has been set as it normally isn’t until the last moment. This will probably change as the current release date of 8.10 is just too close to make this release date real The 0.9.0 version is going to be a big one, bringing Havok phisycs and multi-core support to WoT, but only for Havok running on a separate core at this point. WarGaming is also working on bigger teams (up to 30 on 30) and bigger maps, where the bigger maps could come in 9.0, but nothing has been confirmed though, as this is still much a work in progress, with a high probability of a version 8.10 coming before (24.10 Q&A FTR) . The information is conflicting right now to say the least, as the developers aren’t consistent at all when talking about version 9.0. Sometimes they refer to it as the next patch, sometimes they mention another update coming before that.

不过可以知道的是,0.9.0将是个很大改动的版本,新的Havok本地物理引擎(手游上的ModenCombat系列这样的),CPU多核支持等. 不过Havok只运行在单独的一个CPU内核上.wg还在尝试30人对30人作战的模式(之前的提到过的大地图,增加炮的散布变相提高精度etc…),不过现在说这些都还尚早.毕竟木有确凿信息,只知道wg还在努力…..不过这些都是0.8.10之后的高优先事项.通过QA和一些零散的信息,他们之间看着挺矛盾的,至少可以说dev在计划搞这些东西,不过是下个版本还是,下下个版本就不得而知了/.233