Storm – Test 9.2 Feedback


– the BL-10 gun will not be rebalanced (nerfed)

– according to patchnotes, the VK4502P Ausf.B should have thicker roof (60mm instead of 40mm) in 9.2, but on the test it doesn’t, this will be fixed
补丁里确实有小老鼠的顶盖改成60mm这事, 不过在ct上好像搞忘了..会被修复的

– why was the 183mm HESH ammo nerfed to 230mm pen: “230mm doesn’t penetrate frontal armor of 120mm with 60 degree slope, which is one of the most common armors used”
这一装甲比较通用,为的就是让你们不能无脑直接上金币弹抽正面0 0

– vehicles (including FV215b 183) are balanced around their credit ammo

– football mode will not be left in the game permanently apparently
世界杯都结束了, 足球模式当然不会一直给你们玩…

– there are no historical data for the VK4502 Ausf.B, only historical proposals (SS: including the characteristics of the German “paper” guns, so it’s pointless to complain that they are “not historical”)
小老鼠没有啥历史资料….只有历史卫星(SS: 就是一堆猜想,所以说它不是史实的没啥实际意义~ ~2333)

– the Umbra 3 technology middleware is not yet implemented, the devs are still in the process of implementing it
游戏应用的lightmapping 中间件Umbra3 目前还没有实施! 开发技术宅们正在计划着搞呢,别急

– the “confrontation” mode is apparently still scheduled for return “after we fix the matchmaking”, this fix will include hardcaps on one type of tank per team (SS: as in, it won’t be possible to have for example 15 WT E-100, but only – just an example – three at max)
对抗模式显然还在计划内回归, 不过我们得先修复分房系统.这个修复包括限制每个队内的同一坦克的出现数量,比如15个白云啊酱紫…可能限制数量会是同种最多3个 


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