【Developer Q&A 】2014/07/01


Well, it’s been a month or so since there was any real update in the original QA thread on RU forums where Storm and SerB used to answer. SerB moved on to other things apparently (WoWs) and Storm is still on vacation, but that original thread is dead. Makes it a bit harder to gather info (more pages/discussions to run through), but that’s okay, I can do it, just takes a bit more time to stay on top of things.

– Tanitha confirms that current historical battles format will be removed in 9.2:

“The current historical battles installed in 9.1 are due to be removed in 9.2 (which is normal since historical battles were originally scheduled to be replaced with new ones every update). However with 9.2 new historical battles wont be installed, and the mode will hit redevelopment. We are not currently seeking additional feedback on historical battles, as the mode is likely going to hit heavy redevelopment, and be altered a lot.”

– the piece of info that US light tank branch comes in 9.3 is preliminary and might be changed

– no info on whether M47 Patton appears in the game or how

– FV4202 changed into another tank in the future? ” Its being looked at for an overhaul, but not in the short future, more like end of 2014. Its too far away for anything to be finalized yet.”

Oh, 0.9.2 patchnotes are up, gonna translate.


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