【Developer Q&A 】2014/06/30


– according to Cannoneer (WG tank developer), it’s not yet sure what gun will the Soviet tier 8 light tank LTTB have (57mm, 76mm, 85mm were mentioned), the tank was not balanced yet

– Soviet tier 7 light tank? “unfortunately, I won’t tell anything” (SS: the original idea was to have the LTTB as tier 8 going from some existing tier 7 tank, such as the KV-13, but it’s possible that LTTB will be downtiered to LT7, since historically it doesn’t really fit the LT8 slot (it’s way too weak))

– there is currently no info on swapping WT E-100 for another plan
现在没有要把WT E-100换成另一个计划的信息

– as reported earlier, the tier 8 German premium MT will likely be the Panther Ausf.F with 88mm L/71
如同早前所说,德国8级金币中坦有可能就是用88mm L/71的豹式坦克(国服称黑豹坦克)了

– Japanese premium tier 8 medium tank? Tanitha: “We appreciate we have a large amount of dedicated Japanese players on the server, but developing tanks (even graphical ones) takes a lot of research and development. Please be patient with us.” (SS: my guess, STA-2B)

– crew specialization change (SS: as in, radioman to driver re-train for example): “Hello, its currently in planning / development, so we are considering the possibility to introduce this feature in our future updates. Its not in the pipeline for the short future though, so might be end of year early next year all going to plans.”

– Maus reconstruction status: “There is currently construction elaboration. This is a large-scale project and we will definitely inform community about updates on the works progress.”

Also, apparently, the “inside info” post is crap according to Storm. Not sure which parts are crap, because I actually know that some are true (the weather was indeed tested for example, it was even confirmed at some point by multiple devs), but it’s possible some of it might not be completely accurate. But then again, you guys already know to take any such leaks with a pinch of salt, right? 🙂

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