9.1/9.2 Murovanka Comparison

9.1 和 9.2 中穆勒玩卡地图的改变:

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

as you know since yesterday, the Murovanka map is going to be reworked and it’s going to be made bigger (from 800*800 to 1000*1000). Here’s how it’s going to look, when both minimaps are compared. Note the landscape changes and additional cover for the southern base.
昨天得知, 这Murovanka地图从800 x 800 尺寸 扩大到1000x 1000, 然后右下角的坑洼地带也变大了!!!!详细自己对比下看看小地图吧(带黑色的时候,红框内是9.1的)

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