【Developer Q&A 】2014/01/22


– new US medium branch (T25E1 – T42 – T54E2 – T95E6)? SerB: “No comment on leaks and rumors as usual” (SS: yea, it’s BS)

– Q: “Will it be possible to appear with a Tiger in a national battle Soviet team?” A: “You consider us to be retards or something…”

– Q: “How come you nerfed arty instead of putting a hardcap on it?” A: “Idiotic solutions like a hardcap have no support in Wargaming – we try not to hire morons as employees”

– Q: “Why don’t you implement the option to disable 2-3 maps you don’t want to play?” A: “For the same reason as before” (SS: the official reason if I remember correctly was the fact that it would mess with MM too much)

– +/-1 MM for historical battles is not planned, SerB considers it fine for a Tiger to meet a T-34 (or for a Panzer IV to meet IS)

– the Japanese and Chinese tanks are not named in Japanese or Chinese simply because most players can’t read Japanese and Chinese

– SerB “will have a look”, whether the Chinese map “Empire’s Border” will appear on RU/EU/US too

– apparently, it’s pointless to angle your mantlet (by moving the gun up or down) in order to bounce more shots, as mantlet angling doesn’t increase the mantlet effective armor

– Q: “How do I know which tank will I able to use in historical battles?” A: “Use common sense”

– lists for specific tanks available for historical battles will exist apparently for each respective battle

– Japanese tanks too weak? “Don’t play Japanese tanks”

– apparently, historical battles (as shown before in one Russian video) will “make” you buy an entire pre-set ammo composition (SS: for example 30 AP, 5 APCR, 30 HE) for a price of the complete set

– national battles will use the same MM rules as regular battles

– SerB thinks that what Veider said about the T23 premium tank (SS: it was historically able to go backward as fast as forward) is garbage, a player later argues it was historical, but SerB states that it’s the developers who decide what is realistic in the game and that he will specifically tell Veider not to do such a thing

– Storm states that the information that he said the arty would be buffed was a hoax

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