【Developer Q&A 】2014/01/21


– SerB states that the algorithm of the automatic server selection (during login) works so that if the best server (ping-wise) is overloaded (SS: probably like has a queue), it moves you on to the next best (ping-wise) server

– there are no plans to switch tier 9 Object 430 II and tier 10 Object 430

– 150mm (152mm) guns give your position away when firing (SS: as in, they make you lose too much camo)? “Don’t play with 150mm guns” (SS: so, apparently no buffs there)

– Object 430 won’t get the 122mm D-25T gun (Object 430U), SerB states those two tanks were quite different
430工程不会有那杆122mm D-25T的炮的(430U工程用的这个),SerB表示这两辆坦克还是很不一样的 

– SerB states that no polls (or petitions) will make Wargaming do something: “The problem is not the amount of signatures – there will be no “game democracy” in the game unless we get visited by American bombers”

– not so long ago, Storm mentioned that there might be the possibility for a tank to move with one destroyed track implemented into the game, because it’s realistic. SerB states that this will not anytime soon (“Destruction of a roadwheel is in the game also modelled by a detrack. Get the hint?”)

– Q: “Will technical characteristics and guns of tanks be brought to match their real life counterparts in the game in historical battles?” A: “No, there will be no burning gasoline gushing from your screen”

– SerB states that vehicles in historical battles will be just like in random battles, including crews with perks, the only thing will be their module configuration. He adds that he personally is “saving” such vehicles for historical battles.

– T110E3 and T110E4 rebalance in 8.11 is connected with “general TD rebalance”

– SerB confirms that national battles will be a mode in random battles

– SerB states that in national battles, you have to win not by a combination of general tank traits (like in random battles), but by using the strong sides of that respective nation, while compensating for the weaknesses. This is the real reason this mode was developed and SerB thinks it’s going to be interesting

– SerB states that historical battles will not have “mirror” MM (SS: for example one Tiger and two Panthers vs one IS and two T-34/85), because this option gave huge waiting times.

– Japanese tanks are “not a condition” for the historical battles according to SerB

– HE shell splash has the shape of a sphere: if a HE shell explodes above you, you get hit if you are within the splash radius

– when you finish a battle before its over and go play another battle on another tank, the first battle is not “streamed” into your client (SS: as in, the server instructions do not get transferred), you only get notified about the result

– the question whether in national battles two same nations will be able to meet is still being decided according to SerB

– the list of historical battle tanks is “quite long” – it’s “all the vehicles that participated in fighting”

– it’s possible that premium tanks (like Panther/M10) will appear in historical battles

– it’s possible that Tiger P might appear in the Kursk historical battle (with number limitation)

– it’s possible that Chinese and Japanese tanks will eventually appear in national battles, as both nations have potential for full branches of all vehicle types

– apparently, there is a chance that Soviet tanks will have a reduced chance to be dropped into national battles (SS: not sure if trolling), because there are many players playing the Soviets on RU server

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