【Developer Q&A 】2013/12/12


Just a quick piece of info, the new developer Yurko2F answering the developer questions actively is apparently Zlobny’s replacement, not some random guy

– damage system will not be “completely reworked”

– branches will not be “completely reworked” (SS: some player is complaining about branches not being historical, just regular Russian whine)

– models, shell velocities and shooting and aiming mechanism are also fine the way they are (SS: “question” from the same whiner)

– camouflage looking “bland” in 8.10? “Version 8.10 is not yet out” (SS: as in, it will be fixed)

– Q: “If a replay is actually a saved set of commands from the server, why is it impossible to watch it from the POV of any player?” A: “Replay is a set of commands for one concrete player, not for the entire team. For what you mention, currently we are developing the serverside replay mechanism, where you will be able to witness the battle from the POV of any player from both teams”

– there was some hoax running around that tanks with high amount of battles will recieve a “veteran” status with some bonuses, Storm states he said no such thing

– you will not be able to rip off the turret of a vehicle, that has been already destroyed. Storm states: “The turret will be a fully-modelled object subjected to the same rules as a tank, so if it falls on your tank from above, the effect will be roughly the same as if another tank of the mass and weight corresponding to the one of the turret fell on your tank from above.”

– it’s not yet sure, whether a tank, destroyed by the above mentioned turret effect, will count as a frag

– Storm states that the work on 8.10 is going well, bugs have been fixed, second test will show whether the patch will be released on time

– only certain specifically defined tanks will have the possibility of a turret being ripped off (not all)

– the point of impact of the turret (where it will will fly after the explosion) will be random

– it will be possible for a ripped off turret to fly up and then back down on the wreck of the tank

– the flying turret trajectory will not be influenced by modules installed

– HE and HEAT shells will not penetrate the soft objects in 8.10 with pen loss, because both types of shells are equipped with fuses, that can realistically go off, if they smash into such an object

– the developers view the automatic player search for team battles “positively”

– a player is asking, why doesn’t tank’s MM weight depend on what battletier it drops on (whether it is on the top of the team or on the bottom), because some tanks are very powerful when they are on top and they are really weak on the bottom. Developer answers that this is because the effectiveness of a tank doesn’t directly depend on the battletier of the battle it got in. He also adds that the probability of a tank to be either on top or bottom of the team depends on what tank tiers are available in the queue at that moment on the server, but only slightly.

– later Yurko2F explains, regarding the relationship of combat effectivity of a vehicle and the tier of battle it dropped into (whether it’s on the top of the team or bottom):

“Combat effectivity of a tank does depend on what tier of battle it dropped in, but not directly, there are many factors influencing the effectiveness, such as the type of the tank, composition of your and enemy team, characteristics of that concrete tank, map and many others, that can in effect influence the effectivity of the tank more than JUST the battletier. There are exceptions to this, that are recognized by us as not possible to influence the outcome of the battle on certain battletier. Oh yes, and we balance teams, not tanks the way that every tank with a certain MM weight will get the same MM weight opponent in the enemy team.”

– a player is asking, what will happen if Maus becomes OP with the turret rotation buff, Yurko replies that if that happens, it will be nerfed

– improved ventilation “improves the characteristics of a tank by roughly 2,5 percent” (Storm later adds that there is a specific formula, but its publication is considered not necessery, the real number is allegedly around 2,15 percent)

– the 2MB update of the game was just the launcher updating on the new version

– SerB “will not confirm” that WG is secretly working on the mercenary feature

– SerB confirms that there will be fewer branches in 2014 than in 2013, this is connected with the fact that in 2014, models of everything will be reworked for higher quality

– it’s possible that one day, WG will give out (as a gift) for free lowtier tanks of other class than LT, but it is not planned for now

– the WoT engine is capable of actually handling smokescreen mechanism, but even now, more than half of server resources are spent on the visibility mechanism. This is why the smokescreens work in World of Warships, where the maps are much simplier (flat)

– SerB apparently doesn’t think that mods give you too much of an advantage over a player that doesn’t use them (when a player asked, SerB replied: “Your opinion on mods will be thoroughly studied by us.”)

– +/-1 MM spread will definitely not come (“it would kill the game”)

– apparently (if I understand this correctly, which is not sure), Ferdinand will be made a bit bigger, but its camo factor won’t be made worse

From Overlord:

– gold will be bought for WoT Blitz wia App Store credit
WOT手机版的金币会通过APP STORE进行购买

– WoT Blitz will not have an unified premium account, gold or credits, it will however have unified login with regular account


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