【Developer Q&A 】2013/11/23


So, according to info from iScendig (EU community organizer – thanks to EmperorSafirius for that, at least I hope it was you who told me that on FB), there will be some sort of new QA thread in English on EU forums. Well, a lot of things suddenly make even more sense, don’t they?
从iSceendig那得到的消息来看(此人为欧服社区管理者—还是要谢谢EmperorSafirius ,起码我希望是你在FaceBook上跟我说这个事的)在欧服板块会有全新的英语的QA帖子。恩,许多事情看起来就清楚的多了,是吧? (此处在说明FTR的QA被关掉的事情,起因是欧服的某个版主在向WG总部抱怨他们“偏袒”FTR)

Since this was openly posted on US forums too, I think it’s no longer a secret: Pavel “Zlobny” Myreev, Wargaming’s chief of tank balance left Wargaming recently. I’d like to openly thank him this way for participating in FTR QA and being a very friendly and nice person overall and also for (whatever you might think of the game) doing a good job on balancing the ingame vehicles in the past.
鉴于此事已经在美服上明说了,我也就不认为这是个秘密了:Pavel “Zlobny” Myreev,WG的首席坦克平衡师最近离开了WG。我想公开的对他参与FTR的QA活动表示感谢,并且对他个人的友好以及(无论你对游戏怎么看都)在过去对游戏内车辆平衡性所做出的贡献。

– Havok will introduce the destructable houses option: some buildings will be made destructable. A player asked whether their debris will be material (eg. it will be possible to create your own barricade from debris) or immaterial. SerB states large debris will be material, smaller will be immaterial, as the server power is not sufficient to calculate everything

– SerB also states (to the issue above) that they will have to be very careful with selecting what to make destructable and what not, because developers don’t want such situations as blocking the entrance to the base with debris, making it unreachable

– ingame RhB WT 150mm gun does have a muzzle brake, it’s those slits at the end of the barrel

– cyclone filter does not increase engine fire chance

– there will apparently be no regular “cutter” (torpedo) boats in WoWs (devs are considering their use in “Port” battles)

– it’s possible Petlyakov Pe-2 (or some version thereof) will appear in WoWp

– there is a WG Moscow branch, but it’s not a development studio

Also, check out Overlord’s post on WoT:Blitz, apparently it got rewarded before it was even betatested.


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