【Developer Q&A 】2013/09/16


SerB seems angry today, some of his answers are rude, full of typos and trolling. When called on that, he said it’s because the “amount of idiots here has increased”

– Q: “SerB, last year (the idea of winning Golden Joystick) caused enthusiasm amongst players (unlike this year), what do you think about such a fundamental change in player attitude?” A: “I don’t care” (later he says that people are “celebrating” WoT GJ loss too early and they need to chill out and he closes with “Whine, whine never changes”)

– SerB doesn’t like swearing in ingame chat, as “there is always a non-vulgar word that can be used and is no less offensive”, for example “noobies” instead of “retards” (SS: this is an approximation of what SerB said, in Russian there are two not rude word for noobs: Alleni (which comes from the name Alyosha if I recall correctly) – a generic name for noobs, or Oleni (deers), that’s why so many Russian videos about noobs have deer pictures in them)
SerB不喜欢在游戏内的聊天窗骂人,因为“总有那么一个词语可以在不蹦脏字的情况下照样把对方婊到找不到西伯利亚”,举个栗子,用“丧失”来替换“傻逼”(SS:这个是SerB所说的东西的意义,在毛子语中,有两个词可以用来形容丧失,而且不属于粗口的级别:Alleni (如果我没记错的话,是从Alyosha这个名字转变过来的)—一个丧失们常用的名字,或者是Oleni(鹿),这就是为什么那么多毛子的关于丧失们的视频中有大量的鹿的图片出现)

– AMX-30 does fit the WoT timescale and it is possible it will be introduced as 2nd French top medium
AMX-30的确可以塞进WOT的时间轴,很有可能会作为法国二线中坦的顶级车引入游戏– tank hitpoints have nothing to do with that tank’s armor, it’s a balance parameter (SS: this answer came from a question, whether the tank hitpoints in game are tied to some real life tank characteristics, such as armor. In ancient WoT times, it was considered the hitpoints to be roughly tied to the tank internal space (the more internal space, the more hitpoints), but this has been disproved many times already).
坦克的血量和坦克的装甲没有关系,只是一个用来平衡用的参数罢了(SS:这个答案是针对一个特定的问题的,问题是坦克的血量是否和现实生活中的某些参数相挂钩,例如装甲什么的。在WOT的上古年间版本,大家一致认为坦克的血量是和坦克的内在空间成正比例函数的关系的(车内空间越大,血量越多(比如TOG)),不过这个已经被否定了很多次了)– (If I understand it correctly) there are no plans to introduce more options how to one- or two-shot a tank with midtier guns (the already existing being fire and ammorack explosion)
(本条基于SS理解正确)没有引入更多的可以用一个中等级别的炮在一炮或者两炮之内干掉对面的坦克(已经有了着火和弹药架爆炸这两个机制了)– E50 is considered to be a medium tank because it was classified as such in German sources

– SerB states that the 1200hp German engines were not historical

– some French engines are also unhistorically strong

– historical and garage battles will appear at some point in both WoWp and WoT

– the T-44-122 hull (with a massive driver’s booth) won’t be added as an optional hull to the tier 8 T-44, because there are other upgrades to go with on that tier

– it’s not sure whether the hemispherical T-54 turrets will be available for the 100mm frontal armor hull only. There is an option to implement the optional 120mm frontal armor hull too, that one would however limit the speed of the tank

– for now, there are no other candidates for removal from the game (like the T-50-2 was), but SerB states “we’ll see”

– the smallest number of planned branches at this moment belongs to the Chinese and Japanese trees

– there are no plans to rework the 10-caliber rule (SS: shell flies only the distance of 10 its calibers after the armor is penetrated)

– no amnesty for permabanned accounts is planned (“Some things, like real life threats, we do not forgive”)

– the artillery XP unlock price for various arty tiers was done according to WG calculations, there are no plans to reduce it further

– for now there are no concrete plans to allow players to get a tier 7-8 premium tank as a mission reward, but SerB states that if such a thing ever comes, the mission will be very difficult

– there are no plans for near future to bring a tier 8 British premium heavy into the game

– SerB states that he disagrees with the internet info that Panzer III/IV could rotate its turret only by 270 degrees

– according to SerB, World of Tanks gameplay adheres to “fair play” principles

– SerB states that the algorithm for aiming has not changed (SS: whatever that means)

– SerB when asked why a player that has 30-50FPS in WoT has 50-70 in WoWp: “Most likely your videocard works better with algorithms, used for computing open space”

– the XP requirement for T-62A and Object 140 won’t be reworked: whoever wants both, has to grind like 400k XP on T-54

– it’s possible player’s clan statistics (like on the portal) will be implemented into the game service record

– Type 62 did become smaller, Storm states that some changes are simply forgotten and don’t make it to the patchnotes, there will be no compensation for Type 62 change, Type 62 won’t get limited MM either

– KV-5 won’t be sellable for gold (SS: as it wasn’t changed)

– SerB doesn’t think the “VK3002M” is a dull name and that it should be called “Prototype Panther”, as the VK3002M is historical

– Swamp and Komaring maps don’t have any tier limites, they are available on all tiers

– maps returning from re-work “sometimes” have bigger chance to drop when they are implemented like completely new maps

– there were Soviet turret tank destroyers, for example the 85mm AA gun in rotating turret on T-34 chassis, but they won’t be implemented for now

– the guns for 3001H and 3601H were chosen “based on historical and balance considerations”

– for now, more than one arty branche per nation is not planned, but principially possible

– trees that are missing one type of vehicle (arty, TD, med, heavy, light) are not planned for now
缺失一种车型的科技树(火炮,TD,轻,中,重)现在不在考虑之中(意思就是现有的科技树和未来的科技树一定会有五种车型,至于什么时候做出来就是”When its done its done”)

– big maps, smoke shells and smokescreens, rocket tanks (RBT-5), new equipment and new crew skills: “when it’s done it’s done”
更大的地图,烟雾弹和烟幕弹,火箭坦克们(RBT-5),新的装备和新的组员技能“when it’s done it’s done”

– “many” people bought T-34-3

– Panzer I Ausf.C has regular MM of a tier 3 LT

– JT88 to recieve lower frontal plate nerf (120 to 100mm)? “If needed”

– A-43 too weak? “Don’t play A-43″

– the final decision on what will happen to KV-1S will come “after the tests are over”

– the composition of the 8.9 German TD branch is final


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