【Developer Q&A 】2013/08/30

Source: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/08/30/30-8-2013/

– for now, no tier 8 premium French medium tank has been found
– 暂时还没有找到合适的法国8级金币中坦

– maximum speed buff for JT88? “We’ll see. We are very careful when taking decisions on premium tanks”
– 要不要增加 猎虎88 的极速?“再说吧。我们在改动金币车时都会非常谨慎”

– unified chat and friend contacts are planned for WoT and WoWp
– 打算把 WoT 和 WoWp 的聊天系统和好友列表联动

– if you gather 240 WoWp tokens every day between 1st and 26th September in WoWp, you will be able to buy 2 months of premium (common to both WoWp and WoT) for your account for them
– 如果你在9月1到26号每天收集240个 WoWp 代币,你就可以买2个月的高级账号(WoWp 和 WoT 通用)

– new alternative ways of gaining free XP? “No comment for now, the final concept for that is not ready yet”
– 有没有新增其他的获得全局经验的方法?“现在无可奉告,最后的方案还没准备好”

– for now SerB doesn’t see any possibilities for a lowtier (2-6) medium French premium tank
– SerB 暂时还没有看到可以当低级(2-6)法国金币中型的坦克

– the top Pershing gun (T15E2M2) is fictional, it was invented to avoid overlapping with other guns (SS: as in, it was invented in the order for the T32 and Pershing/Patton not to use the same gun, if I understand it correctly)
– 潘兴 的顶级炮(T15E2M2)是虚构的,这是为了防止与其他的炮冲突(SS:如果我的理解是对的,这是为了T32和潘兴/巴顿不会用同一门炮)

– the issue, where a gun “stick” to a wreck you are hiding behind or your aim reticle is aiming behind will be solved by the optional possibility to disable automatic aim height compensator
– 当你躲在残骸后面或者瞄准躲在瞄准线对准残骸后面时,炮的散布环会“黏在”残骸上面。将会通过加一个 关闭自动调节弹道高度 的选项,来解决这个问题

– re-worked tracers: “when it’s done it’s done”
– 炮线重置:“when it’s done it’s done”

– the new branch of US medium tanks (2nd branch, 3rd if you count the T57 one) will consist of non-autoloading tanks with regular (not oscillating) turret
– 新的美国中坦线(2线中型,如果你把 T57 线也算做重坦线的话那就是3线)常规炮塔(非摇摆炮塔)的非弹夹坦克

– if I understand correctly, the T15E2M2 and T15E2 stats are different, because the T15E2 stats are overblown, it’s possible the T15E2 stats will be nerfed (SS: this doesn’t make sense to me much because the E2 is the weaker of the two, could be SerB’s typo – in any case, one of these guns might lose its stats and be considered lower tier weapon)
– 如果我的理解是正确的,T15E2M2 和 T15E2 的数据不同,因为 T15E2 的数据被夸大了,所以 T15E2 的数据可能被削弱(SS:我并不是很理解,因为两门炮中 T15E2 比较弱,可能是 SerB 打错字了 – 无论如何,应该其中的一门炮会被削弱数据然后降低等级)


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