【Developer Q&A 】2013/08/07

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– Japanese tree in 2013, or in 2014? “When it’s done it’s done” (SS: current info is that it will come in early 2014, possibly January)
日本科技树是2013还是2014? “等着吧!” (SS:现有资讯显示14年年初,可能是一月)

– ballistic trajectory angle is taken into account, when calculating penetration

– maximum ballistic trajectory angle does not necesserily correspond to the maximum gun elevation angle, it can be higher sometimes (SS: when for example the vehicle is firing when standing on a slope)

– apparently, WoWp has issues with memory even on very strong computers with 4 cores and 8 gigs of RAM (possibly due to with 32bit system)

– SerB states that instead of cybersports, his preference would be to allocate the resources to Historical battles, but there are some serious issues with that, connected to the fact that some tanks are not as popular and others (SS: as in, noone will want to play a T-34, when facing a Tiger)

– developers considered the feature of adding some perk- or skill-bonuses, based on clan membership (it was decided not to do it, at least for now) (SS: as in, when the clan reaches some status, its members recieve bonuses for some ingame skills)

– Leopard 1 suspension repair time (6,2s) is longer than Leo PTA suspension repair time (4,3s), because of “costs of serial production” (SS: beats me)

– Batchat 25t (despite its weight) won’t be turned into a tier 10 light tank

– SK-105 Kürrasier – although generally too new for WoT – does fit the WoT frame, it won’t be however introduced for now (SS: as an Austrian vehicle, it might appear in EU tree)
SK-105 Kürrasier  – 对于WOT来说挺新的,但是还是能塞进游戏。当然了,现在应该不会出现才对。(SS:很有可能作为奥地利的坦克在欧洲树里出现)

– SerB admits that a part of EU/US players reacted “very roughly” on the whole Stalin deal

– SerB states that the Lorraine frontal turret “cut” is not used “probably because of the mantlet”

– “hand-written” inscriptions on tanks won’t be introduced, because they would be hard to read

– captured tanks are still planned, but not soon

– SerB on returning the Wittman medal, now that Stalin’s back: “There is a difference – Wittman was deleted on request by German authorities and we don’t love him as much as to start a conflict with Germany because of him”

– SerB states that tier 5 and 6 British arty is doing fine statistically, but there hasn’t been enough time to evaluate, if there are some changes, they will come in 8.9

– AMX-30 Au.F1 appearance in WoT is “highly unlikely”
 AMX-30 Au.F1基本不可能出现在WOT中。(翻译菌:此车服役年代为1966年至今,而游戏内出现的车基本都是1965年之前的……)

– SerB states that WoT supports quadcore processors, some additional processes are calculated on auxilliary cores

– it’s possible that the Lorraine depression can be historically -8 after all (“Zlobny knows”)
洛林40t的俯角很有可能最后变成史实上的-8°(”Zlobny知道这事”)(翻译菌:Zlobny是管超测服的人,这是他的论坛ID,此人真名Pavel Myreev)

– Bolter medal was removed because it was decided 7 kills is too little difference from 6 kills and not worthy of extra reward

– Storm states that in 0.8.7, server ballistics code was not changed as a reaction to an alleged bug, where shells pass thru tanks without doing damage

– “too many ISU-152′s in battles” is not an issue according to Storm

– Havok will not change the tank movement from what it is now, only visual things will change

– 8.8 info will come out soon

– SerB states that while the client physics (Havok) WILL impact the game performance, it won’t affect multicore machines, because the client physics will be calculated on the unused cores

– captured tanks will not be unlockable from tech tree (SS: as in, they won’t be regular vehicles, but promo/premium ones)

– the one tank SerB took part in creating personally is the T25AT

– it has been decided, what color will the base color of Japanese tanks be, “you’ll see in due time”

– Soviet medium branch in 8.8? “That’s a complicated question. Somehow, it will be less than a branch, somehow, it will be more… you will see soon”

– when in “Performance mode” (during prime time, great server loads), interserver exchange in WoT doesn’t work, eg. you won’t see a friend online, if he is on another server

– (SS: if I understand this correctly), when calculating the damage a gun does, its damage rises proportionately with caliber squared (caliber*caliber), while the module damage rises proportionately to only caliber

– on additional spaced armor: “It is planned only for tanks, which had it in real life. But this can be changed in the future.”

– E-10 camo factor: “tests will show” (SS: wtf, didn’t the devs say that E-10 won’t be implemented?)

– Panzer IIJ penetration won’t be buffed apparently

– Sacred Valley winrate is “normal”

– the crew restoration (after your account is hijacked) will come soon

– in historical battles, in 1943 the Tiger will be awesome, in 1945, not so much

– SerB states that in 1945 historical battles, stock Kingtiger will be roughly balanced to stock ISU-152

– unlockable modules for premium tanks won’t be implemented

– the basic ground for historical battles will be WW2, but other conflicts around it (Khalkin Gol, Spanish Civil War, Korea) are also considered

– SerB states it’s not needed to specifically allow cases where one shell penetrates more than one tank, as these cases are very rare, it might come eventually

– (SS: here I am not sure I understand correctly) the module hitpoint loss per tick of engine (fuel) fire is counted as “0,01 +-25 percent”

– autoaim aims at the center of the collision model

– when calculating when a tank is drowning in the water and when not, it makes no difference, whether the tank is open topped, the point of drowining is the center of the silhouette (side view)

– it’s possible that in player statistics, the average and maximum XP gained will be calculated without premium account (just like in WoWp)

– apparently, (possibly unhistorical) Soviet Valentine amount of ammo carried won’t be changed

– IS-7 won’t be replaced by another tank

– FV215b (120) won’t be replaced by another tank

– SerB states that WG position on the Stalin issue has nothing to do with the Company of Heroes 2 scandal in Russia

– SerB’s opinion on COH2 is negative

– it’s not planned to allow the crewmember manual selection during “accelerated training” (SS: as in, player selecting himself who to accelerate)

– the option to transfer free XP to a crewmember XP was considered, but scrapped

– the “firefighting” skill increases the amount of hitpoints, by which each damage tick is reduced

– dead crewmembers do increase firefighting time

– smaller crews don’t quench fires any slower than bigger crews

– when transferring to another server, the players have to dissolve the platoon they are in, to change this is technically impossible according to SerB

– gold allocation within the game (SS: as in what the players spend the gold for): “no comment”
游戏内的金币去向(SS:也就是玩家到底花钱买了什么)“no comment”

– SerB states that since the Free-To-Win concept was announced, WoT payments didn’t drop

– balance weight is decided for each tank, based on its class and tier, but there are exceptions (not all tanks of the same tier and class have the same MM weight)

– SerB on Polish rage over Stalin inscriptions: “As is written in the news article, we are very sorry that some players disagree with our position”

– Jagdpanzer E-100 having too low DPM? “How terrible…”
E-100突的伤害太低了! “How terrible…”

– new German TD branch will bring new guns

– SerB on multiperk crews: “The system of crew skills was done specifically so that unlocking all the skills/perks on one crew is practically impossible”

– SerB on roaming and the fear that EU/US servers will be spammed by RU roamers: “There will be a limit. For example, companies with a commander with over 55 percent winrate. We’ll find a mechanism.”

– why the loaders have few skills to unlock? “A part of loader skills had to be removed”

– there will be no special game modes for private account owners

– it’s theoretically possible for a shell to enter the open-topped vehicle and ricochet from an inside edge without doing any damage

– the B-1-P gun weight on Object 261 is correct, it’s tied to “powerful ballistic properties” (SS: here SerB states “high ballistics” – it’s unclear whether he means powerful shells, or the fact the gun can aim higher)

– apparently, Waffentragers (2nd German TD line) will have good derpession/elevation

– white stripes on Soviet tanks will come, but they have low priority

– Q: “Can I get such tanks as M60/Ob907/Failowe even without Clanwars?” A: “And what for? For your beautiful eyes? Are you a girl? Even that won’t help however, I am married…”

– “White Tiger” won’t return

– new missions? “No comment”

– new hull modules won’t come until a long time after 0.9.0

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  1. – there will be no special game modes for private account owners

  2. E-10:蝗虫10(德语:Heuschrecke 10)是德国一种试作的自行火炮,由克虏伯-古森公司于1943年至1944年间研制。战车的官方名称是“105公厘18/1 L/28轻型榴弹炮武器4b载体车机”(105 mm leichte Feldhaubitze 18/1 L/28 auf Waffenträger Geschützwagen IVb),预计于德国马德堡进行生产。蝗虫具有可拆卸式的炮塔,在战略上可部署为碉堡,或拖曳至机辆后方做为火炮。


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