【WOWS Q&A】2017/08/09


Q: What are the plans for ‘minor’ nations navy’s like the Royal Netherlands Navy or Swedish Navy, if there are any? Those nations could fill (sometimes incomplete) lines and there are some quite famous/historically important ships from these kind of nations.

A: It’s a bit too early for this, however maybe a similar approach to the Pan-Asian line could be taken – then again that is still a thing of far future. Some European designs are rather interesting and often they offer more than one variant (De Zeven Provincien, looking at you! :D).

So: In the future, maybe. In the short term, not likely – we have other fish to fry first.

Q: Will there be Gun Marks in the Future like in WoT or something Similar.

A: I’m not sure if anything similar to this is planned for WoWs, but I can always include it as a suggestion in my report.

Q: The last line in game that doesn’t have a premium – why?

French cruisers have one, royal BBs will have at least two by the time they are released, why are the german DDs left out?

A:  We want to add as many ships (regular and of course Premium) as possible – but it takes time:

  • To identify suitable candidate – preferably not a clone though sometimes that is hard 😉
  • To collect blueprints (though for Germany our guys made a pretty thorough job so we have quite a lot).
  • To model the ship.

At the same time we prefer to release ships as they come instead of making a huge premship bundle once a year. We also want to have a premium ship for each branch / nation – though nations that do not have any premium yet are higher on the ladder. This however means that often nations with some Premiums already may wait for a Premium in a given branch.

So the main holdup is probably on one of the three points, however in the future we hope we’ll add some German DD. I am pretty sure there would be interesting candidates.

Q: Is WG considering to mature the current IJN DD sub-branch into a fullblown line with a tier X down the way?

A: As far as i know we do not want to have the line hanging at Tier VIII forever – however we need to find two suitable ships to pad the line.







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