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Q: Hi /u/Sub_Octavian,

I would like to know if WG is working any new ribbons?

You have mentioned here that spotting xp is earned by spotting an enemy for a teammate who doesn’t have line of sight on him. (also that everyone who is spotting him get equal xp).

Wouldn’t it be possible to have a ribbon for every 1k or 5k damage that is caused by your spotting?

And also maybe a ribbon for the first person who spots an enemy ship? So there would be 12 per side to get.

Perhaps give dds an xp boost for these ribbons (or all classes), because at the moment I feel dds are hard done by in xp gain and you are very reliant on getting torpedo hits. It might also help combat the very passive gameplay we have, by teaching players early on that getting up and into the battle is a reward in itself.

A: As for your question, and community-driven UI improvements in general, right now we’re finalizing HAS and Radar circles on minimap – which was proposed here on Reddit a couple of months ago, as far as I remember. Then, we will discuss several more things, like spotting ribbon and maybe even spotting damage/potential damage counters.

However, I must ask for your patience, because such things (unfortunately) involve two most busy teams – UI and Game Logic. Almost every new feature requires these guys support, so they have a long queue of tasks, many of which are of highest priority (like Clan Battles).

Economy is not and shouldn’t be tied to ribbons directly, but it is balanced around the same game events. DDs, by the way, are already given some boost for spotting withing economic balancing in 0.6.7.

Sub Q:

By economy do you also mean xp gain? or just credits? What I meant was that DDs seem to be lower down in team rankings at the end (Sidenote: I am CL main).

What I meant was, I feel as if DD who is doing well for his team, (you know spotting and smoking) doesn’t really get any feedback at the moment from the game that he/she is contributing to the team if his torps keep missing. And ribbons would help negate this.

Sub A: I argee that we need more in-battle feedback, and we will work on it:)

By economy I normally mean both credits and XP.

Q: Is it addressed in any way, that the Graf Zeppelin has catapults? Like planes starting from the catapults instead of rolling on the deck. Or with a faster plane starting time? Because of the time at her initial commission date, she would have been the only carrier with 2 catapults and where planes could start and land at the same time. Which would give her a advantage over others who were just floating decks.

A. Not now, but I can say that she’s WIP, and we are still playing around with different options. Your suggestion is interesting, we will consider it. Thanks!:

Q: For smoke, why not give bb penalty of being spotted only while not affecting smoke and other ships?

A: Because BBs are not the only problem. Crowds and IFHE are problematic too. We considered what you suggest, and it won’t work.

Q: I’d like to address some perceived issues I have about the Commander skill tree. In my opinion, some skills are making it hard for you to balance ships.

IFHE is too good on CA’s with 152-155mm guns. The main weakness of the lower caliber is gone, and they enjoy penetration values similar to 200+mm guns, while only suffering a small penalty to fire chance. I feel this strength is too overpowered on certain CA’s, for example, Belfast or Kutuzov. What’s the point of playing a 203mm CA now if a 152mm CA can output more damage with their faster firing guns?

Before IFHE, cruisers were differentiated well- CL’s with 152-155mm guns would shoot more rapidly, but be less effective against armored targets and better against less armored targets (like DD’s or other CA’s), whereas 203mm CA’s were slower firing, but heavy alpha damage and more effective versus BB’s. Now it’s simply the case that a CL does everything better than a CA, which simply doesn’t make sense.

A: Yes. We have slightly different view on that, but overall, yes, that’ll be addressed along with smoke change. We don’t mind IFHE current efficiency, but we would like to make IFHE camping less efficient.

Q:  Here’s some idea for smoke: increase shell dispersion while firing from smoke, the higher the caliber the higher the dispersion

or just make smoke unable to hide a BB unless it is dead center or reveal BBs that fire, just don’t disperse the smoke for other classes or give them that same mechanic

A: Dispersion debuffs won’t prevent most players from camping in smoke. People tend to choose the safest way, in shooters they will camp with sniper rifle when the real need is to push, the same pattern is sitting in smoke. All this results in is more frustration. The same issue was with firing range a couple of years ago – some players asked us to leave the ability to constantly shoot at max ranges, just with bad dispersion, but in the end we cut the ranges and introduced spotter plane. This is why I hope we will remove/rework Shima 20km torps eventually, and I strongly believe it will even buff her stats a bit.

Q: When can we expect the RN BBs to be released?

A: We are finalizing them, and I think they will be released in one of the very nearest updates.I ask you for a bit of patience – the official announcement and release are really near.

Q: Then why not use Vanguard at T8 since every argument you’ve just used for Sharnhorst applies equally to her?

A: We have other plans for Vanguard:)

Q: Why don’t fire directors get camo applied?

A: Technical reasons. They can be solved by changing 3d content file structure, but right now, the priority is very low for that.

Q: I still call BS on the “Nelson is too strange for regular players, so we make it a premium”.

And why is having a different ship an issue anyway ? We already have Warspite and Hood as premium, Hood even already sitting in the tier 7 bracket. Now you want Nelson/Rodney as premium, and you’ll likely follow with Vanguard in tier 8 ? I really can’t call anything but BS at that. Or at least just admit you want money.

A: You may call whatever you want, that’s your right, however, now you are trying to invent a way to squeeze Nelson into the line, without listening to argument. You are ready to make accusations just to validate your point. That’s a way to nowhere.

I will say it one last time.

  • We don’t want to create another Izumo precedent and don’t want to create a pointless 1 ship sub-branch. Gameplay first.
  • Nelson is a fine ship, but won’t go good with general audience gameplay-wise, thus, the access to her will be limited in some way.
  • We are still discussing a way to release it. All community opinions on that were heard and we are truly taking them into consideration.

I know this is important topic for you guys, so I promise I or someone from the team will update you as soon as we have the final decision. This should happen just in a next few days, most likely, even tomorrow.

Q: So british BBs lost their radar and defAA. Good. Lets keep them like this.

A: Yep, that’s pretty much confirmed, I doubt we are going to test any other loadouts. The line looks good and ready for battle.

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