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Thanks to Babykim (EU) and to garryout

JamesWhite in the last developer stream: The only forbidden modification is the aim assist. Consequently, everything else is allowed.

In particular, not forbidden are:

1. Rainbow mod, which shows the place of shell drop on the water surface, while the salvo is still in flight. Makes it very easy to dodge. The same exists for torpedoes.
1. 彩虹mod,会在炮弹依然在空中飞行时显示炮弹在水面上的落点,这样的话扭起来很简单。鱼雷的那一套也是一样的。

2. X-Ray mod, which always shows the outline of all ships, even if they are behind islands.
2. X光mod,会一直显示所有船只的轮廓线,就算它们在岛后也是一样。

The message showing screenshots of these two mods have been removed from the RU forum, hence I give a description only.

A probable reason for not banning these mods is the inability to reliably detect them.

Translation of interview with producer “Hisashi Yanaginasa” Apr.14, 2017:
在2017年4月14日与制作人“Hisashi Yanaginasa”进行的采访的翻译:

-HSF Harekaze and Graf Spee will have their own missions when released.

-Both ships will come in June.

They want to have another collaboration with WoWS, They will make an announcement in September.

Musashi: They want to release it, however TX premium ship would have lots of problems, (P2W,P2L etc…) They plan to make it as a reward for the tournament, or clan wars, for which Kitakami is already planned to be a reward ship for such an event.

Pan Asia – we already knew about it, own tech tree for 2017.

Official tournament – T8, 7v7 or 9v9.

New clan system will come within 2017.

JamesWhite tells us to expect the announcement of:

1. The first premium Russian battleship on 5 June. The name of the ship is a riddle: it consists of two words and should be well-known. The ship existed and is not a paper-project. The appearance of the ship will be modeled as of 1944. You would be able to win the ship in an event as well as purchase her.
1. 6月5日会公布第一艘毛子的金币战舰。船名的提示为:有两个词,而且很出名。船只实际存在过,而不是图纸计划。这艘船在游戏内会以1944年为基准而建模。玩家可以通过活动获得,或者直接购买这艘船。

2. Ship for free experience, very soon.
2. 全局经验点船。SOON™

3. The Polish tree in June, showcasing tiers 7 to X.
3. 6月会公布波兰线,会对外展示7~10级船

WG started migration of accounts that would allow to freely convert gold for doubloons. However, the release date of this feature is still unclear.

In the recent video of the USS Massachusetts you can spot a model of a tier 8 premium French battleship. The ship has two forward-firing turrets, with four barrels each.

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