【WOWS Q&A】2017/05/23


Thanks to Babykim, EU

Recap by getfun from a recent meeting with the developers in Samara:

1. Version 0.6.5 got balanced by nations reworked. Have you noticed?
1. 0.6.5通过重制各个国家达成了平衡。你发现了吗?

2. Carrier controls will be reworked in the future. Players suggested a unified attack mode instead of an automatic or a manual drop, but one that leave a role for player’s skill.
2. 航母的操作会在以后重制。玩家建议把自动投弹和手动投弹整合成一个通用的攻击方式,但是整合以后还是要能够体现出玩家的水平才行。

3. Manual control of the secondaries will stay as is.

4. Kiev and Tashkent are correctly tiered.
4. 基辅和塔什干的等级都是正确的

5. The mini-map will get the radius of the radar and that of the AA aura.
5. 小地图会实装雷达范围以及防空圈

6. Personal offers will include elements of a tutorial. A first version of this is already in game and available to some beginners.
6. 个人折扣系统中会包含教程的元素。第一版已经实装进游戏内了,并且部分新玩家已经可以看到了。

7. The medium term (next few patches) we see some PvE missions for clans.
7. 在中期内(接下来的几个补丁)会有一些军团向的PVE任务

8. A tournament functionality is coming in winter, possible with an Attack and Defence type of scenarios.
8. 冬天会有大奖赛功能,可能会以攻防的形式出现

9. Version 0.6.6 may see a buff of Hydroacoustic Search for Lo Yang, Yugumo may get Shimakaze’s torpedoes, Nürnberg may get 360 degree rotation of the rear turret, and all German cruisers get a buff on penetration with HE.
9. 0.6.6可能会对洛阳的水听进行buff,夕云可能会获得岛风雷,纽伦堡的后炮塔可能可以进行360度旋转,所有的德巡的HE穿深和会被加强。

10. No changes are planned for Grozovoi, her performance is being watched.
10. 没有计划要对雷暴进行改动,她的数据现在正在被监测中

11. On average, twice as many battles where played during the Clash of the Elements event than before.
11. 在元素之战活动期间,(每天的)平均战斗数量是以前的两倍

12. Official training room and replay functionalities are not immediately forthcoming. The people are busy developing other things.
12. 官方的训练房以及回放功能近期不会出,开发团队在忙别的东西

13. In the summer will see changes to Quick Commands in chat.
13. 夏天会对快捷喊话进行改动

14. The split of the US cruiser tree will definitely not occur this year.
14. 年内是不会出现美航分线的

15. The Russian/Soviet battleships are definitely not coming this year.
15. 年内肯定不会出现毛战

16. Smoke, shot and splinter/parts tearing off visual effects are being reworked.
16. 烟雾,开炮效果以及零件被打掉等等的视觉效果正在重做中。

17. Many players have purchased the top Hood bundle. Perhaps in the future, all bundles containing the same ship will be sold simultaneously.
17. 有许多玩家购买了胡德顶级包。未来的话可能会同时出售许多带有同一艘船的包。

18. The AA rockets of Hood are not the new type of weapon announced last year. This new type of weapon in being tested on the super test.
18. 胡德的对空火箭并不是去年宣布的新武器。新武器现在正在超测里进行测试。

19. The next rank season will probably be on tier 6.
19. 下一季天梯赛很有可能是6级。


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