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Q: Why T 5&6 French CLs in game got 152mm guns, I found in Wikipedia they were armed with 155mm guns?

A: Well then…

来源: John Jordan. “French cruisers 1922-1956”

I’d trust it more than Wikipedia.

Q: I got a couple CV-related questions for you.

1. How has the fighter ammo buff from patch 0.6.0 affected the performance and success rates of fighters against targets of all kinds (clicking, strafing, spotting, etc) and air superiority loadouts? It has been 4 patches already, surely there should be data available .
1. 0.6.0对VF们进行的弹药buff对他们的表现以及VF在进行各种操作(点击,扫射,点亮等等)以及制空权配置下有什么影响吗?现在已经四个版本了,总归要有些数据吧。

2. How has the “exit strafe” addition affected the game? Personally, the Saipan has become extremely (read: overly) powerful in contesting the air, perhaps a nerf of some sort should be introduced?
2. “退出扫射”对游戏有着什么样的影响?我个人觉得塞班在制空方面太强了,是不是削弱一下比较好?

A:1. It affected the balance in a positive way, but we don’t consider impact to be too big. Seems like a comfortability buff, mostly.

2. It added a new trick to master, and we currently don’t see any problems with Saipan. No changes are planned.
2. 只是另一个新的需要掌握的技巧而已,我们在塞班身上也没找到什么问题。没计划要改。

Q: Did WG consider on lowering the bloom time for DDs?

A: Yes we did, as this was quite popular suggestion. Eventually, we are not going to reduce the bloom time – the timer is here for a reason. It prevents ships from constantly “blinking” in and out, which may be quite frustrating. However, we may increase this timer for battleships – still thinking it over.


Will IJN DDs ever get back their old HE alpha? This is because dev buffed the RU HE on DD from 1600 back to its 1900 original alpha.

A:. No. This change is not needed from the balancing point of view.

Q: So my question is why is the torpedo damage listed in port not the same as the torp’s “alpha damage” value? Or why not use “alpha damage/3” and leave out “base damage”?

A: I am not going to comment on any external sources and data mining. However, I will gladly comment on what you see in the game.

Torpedo damage shown in port is base damage. To achieve it you need to hit any part of the ship, but there are several factors that prevent you from seeing this exact number in combat:

  • There is “damage saturation” – so, if the part hit is already damaged, it simply may lack hit points to “execute” full torpedo damage. Hence the cases when you catch the full torpedo volley with aft / bow only and still survive.
  • There is anti-torpedo protection on many ships providing some damage reduction, in case the torpedo hits the protected part of the ship.
  • There is torpedo splash damage. Unlike HE shells, torpedo splash does some damage if it affects a neighboring part.

Q: Im just wondering why german destroyers are easily penetrated by battleship guns 38 cm and up+ even if my sides are exposed, one shell managed to land for 7k dmg.

A: German DDs tend to have a more bulky structure, so, they sometimes get less over-penetrations and more normal penetrations. We are fully aware of this and designed the line with this weakness in mind.

Overall, after all changes and tweaks, we consider them to be viable, competitive, and performing greatly.

Q: I got A question regarding Anti Aircraft special effect, are there any plans for it to be “enhanched” to be more visually appealing?

A: We’re working on major visual improvements right now, however, AA effects are not something that seems like a top priority. We’ll see what can be done, but now it looks like “Explosions & main caliber shooting -> Water FX -> the rest”.

Q: My question is how many of your developers actively play the game and on average, the time that those developers play the game? I ask because I have seen your answers on how you believe the game balance is somewhat balanced yet since OBT, there have not been many good balance changes in my opinion and seemingly, many other players who have recently started expressing their concerns on balance.

A: All developers who participate in game design play the game actively. Most developers who participate in tech and near-game design, play the game too. I am sorry you are not satisfied with our balance decisions, but, you know, linking it to personal stats is a bit irrelevant. Also, there are thousands of players who are happy with what we do.


1. Are there plans from the devs to enhance other perimeters, say the penetration of the AP shells and the bounce angle/normalization, or the general utility of the German cruisers, considering that the line heavily relies on AP?
1. 有计划增强一下德巡其他方面的数据吗,比如AP弹的穿深以及跳弹角度/转正,或者说增强下德巡的泛用性?

2. Or at the very least, are there plans to further adjust the parameters of German cruisers, particularly but not limiting to high tier ones?
2. 或者至少进一步调整特训的数据吧,起码也调一下高阶船的吧?

3. If it’s possible of the devs to add more camera angles and allow the player to zoom close, such that a player could virtually “stand”, “walk” in the port interface.
3. 有没有可能可以加入更多的镜头角度,可以让玩家近距离的观察船只,让玩家可以在母港里面“站在”船上,或者在船上“走动”?


1.Right now, we are considering different improvements for German cruisers starting from Nurnberg. I cannot hint what will it be and to what degree, but we are on it, so chances for further improvements are pretty high.
1. 现在的话我们有在考虑增强纽伦堡开始的德巡。至于哪方面的buff以及怎么buff都暂时不能明说,但是已经在着手进行了,所以进一步Buff的可能性还是很高的。

3. We were thinking about additional cameras for more immersion, and even did some prototypes, but right now, other UI improvements seem to have higher priority. So..not now, sorry.
3. 我们有考虑过为了游戏的沉浸体验而加入更多的镜头角度,也做过一些实验,但是现在的话其他的UI改动有更高的优先级。所以近期是不会搞的。

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