【WOWS Q&A】2017/04/25【Sub_Octavian的欧服QA】



Q:Why have you not removed the Type 93 (Shimakaze stock) torpedoes or at least changed them to something more useful yet? Right now they’re basically worthless with their excessive spotting range, but they increase the torpedo stat in port, thus fooling novice players into thinking that these are superior to the other choices Shimakaze offers.

A:Hi. We’re in process, thinking about their future fate. They truly are not good choice, Shima would probably be much better with Type93 mod.3 as stock. Sorry it takes so much time, but we’re on it.

Q:I’d like to ask what kind of balance of ship class distribution WG considers as optimum?

A:We would like to see some reduction of BBs, some increse of CVs, and CL/CA being the most popular – in ideal situation.

Q:I was wary about the introduction of RPF and it’s effect on the game. So can you tell me is this number/percentage in line with WG’s expected take up of the skill?

A:Yes. As many players (who were not heard during outrage) suggested, it has limited impact on Random battles (situational, but may be quite useful, like many other skills). And looks like it has good use in competitive meta. We are not satisfied with some things and want to improve them, but new skill tree, including RPF, works very well.

Q:Would you consider alternatives for capping as the basis for every game mode?
Would you consider something like a deathmatch mode, if a way can be found to make that work in WoWs? I see many players who seem to think the game works that way, why not accommodate them and make that an alternative game mode?
I think it would not just be both challenging and fun, but it would also be historically correct. If not, can you perhaps explain why capping is such a core mechanism? How did this come about?
And would you at least please add (perhaps mandatory) tutorials where the role each class is explained to you?

A:Capping truly make little sense from strictly historical point of view, and of course when you squeeze naval warfare into 20-mins rounds, some conventions are inevitable. However, capping is extremely important for gameplay. It helps creating points of interest and purpose of active play. Without it, most players would just camp – there are already some campers, but without the reason to control specific areas, polishing the map border, especially on BBs, would be viable choice. That does not mean we’re not going to do additional modes. We are experimenting with upcoming PvE, and working on several other ideas. But domination is core mode for Random battles, and I don’t see it changing.

Q:Do your stats actually track training room battles, which is literally the only actual competitive battles right now? Ranked battles are just random games with 7 instead of 12 players.

A:Yes we do, but we don’t use it much, as main balancing is done for Random battles. We use some highlights from competitive players, though. P.S. Ranked are definitely more complex than Random with 7v7, especially in high ranks. Actually, after the last season (ranked out with 1 for the first time) I had very interesting experience in Random.

Q:Are there any plans/what do you think of lowering torps damage across the board but buffing the torp reloads to compensate.

A:No, there are no such plans, and we think that idea of introducing torpedo spam with low damage is not good. It is not going to happen, sorry.


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