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newest Q&A, from Wargaming.fm:

-Thanks t0 Ctacello and Deconoir.

-”We can say to some extent that I’ve had influence in all patches this year, though not much, unfortunately. Some changes I have a good outlook on, and will be able to discuss this sometime next year. It’s not a quick process, but it is necessary to address some long-standing issues that were never addressed in due time.”
“可以说我(Slava Makarov,下文中的“我”都是Slava)的确是从一定程度上影响了今年所有的补丁,但是影响的程度并不是很大。部分改动的前景很好,我们会在明年继续进行讨论。这个过程不会很快,但是这对于我们需要解决的那些长期问题来说是十分重要的。”

-Soon there will be a shop interface in the garage to simply player’s lives.

-We will be fixing a lot of vehicles, there’s a lot of things to be corrected with the British. We are not satisfied with how the British tanks work and there’s something we must do about it, we already have plans.

-We also want to change the mechanics of HESH but we haven’t even yet put our ideas into prototypes.

-“We want to work on the Maus line more.”

-We have plenty of “extravagant” ideas planned for the IS-4. We want to make it a good tank where everyone will be happy but I can’t talk about much details.  We want to give the IS-4 additional mechanics.

-We are discussing to add various little game mechanics that will make certain branches (only for top tiers) special. Swedish are the first entering this new direction. If players like it then we will take this idea forward.

-We are rewriting all the rules of the MatchMaker, tier, ratio of types, etc but is a difficult task which won’t be coming by 9.17 but it’s a priority of ours.

-The devs don’t want to make a limit of 2 arties per team because that would crash servers and freeze the matchmaker.

-Only after the second stage of Sandbox is complete we can start talking about deadlines to implement features.

-The speed of the T95 is something that is being “vigorously” discussed. We are trying to do something about slow vehicles but there are people in the discussions who are against it.

-”We’re working on bringing light tank branches to Tier 10. We are working very hard, especially on Tier 10. These may be rolled out in two or three patches.”

-”We’ve discussed Armor-Piercing High Explosive rounds (lower penetration but with higher damage). We currently don’t have a definite solution on it.

-”The issue with the Polish branch is that they run out of tanks pretty early. So we’re sitting on it, and thinking about what we can do.”

-”Japanese tiger is no good”

-”Why do we need to nerf the IS-3?”

-”We may have overbuffed the Grille 15”


-“We’re working on a new MMO, not of the 15v15 genre. We’re keeping a tight lid on it, and we have a good team, and if all goes well, we’ll make an announcement near the end of the year. For now, though, the main focus are tanks.”

– Rules of the recovery tank through the Support Center will be reviewed.

– I never liked the trick with the rental prem vehicle.

– Women’s voice feature is clearly not a priority.

-”Team damage will not be removed. I’ve always been against the idea, and have tried convincing otherwise.”

-Personal missions are currently another of our priorities.

-We should implement anti-mods software. We can and will complicate their lives. RG: I believe by “their” he means the illegal mod makers, and because of those assholes we can’t have nice things.

-Dev team is working to fight the illegal mod that gives information of when objects are broken by unspotted tanks.

-”I was always against the idea of Tier 10+, and continue to insist on that.”

-”We will continue to remove vehicles with Premium Matchmaking from the sale, unfortunately.”

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  1. 那么多人关注分房保护,就说明了游戏分房机制的问题。

  2. 反压树是好事,但是下架有分房保护的车。。。包括国服吗?
    还有为什么限制火炮数量会使服务器崩溃?等待时间太长 ?等的人太多吗?


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