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SubOctavian on the new concept for the RN cruisers.

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1). Smoke and HE is not what pleases the players nowadays;
1) 现在会使玩家感到高兴的东西并不是烟雾弹和HE弹

2). Smoke and HE is probably the only way of making light cruisers effective, whereas heavier cruisers have other options;
2) 烟雾弹和HE的组合有可能是轻巡洋舰的唯一一条出路,而重巡还有其他路可以走

3). If the German cruisers have introduced new variations of gameplay, with the former RN cruiser conception we expect a negative reaction of both captains and their opponents.
3) 如果当初通过德巡加入了一种全新的游戏体验的话,加上之前的英巡的概念的话我们认为英巡玩家和面对英巡的那些玩家都不会很开心。

This is why we decided to radically change the concept of the branch. The RN will not be HE spammers, but would require thoughtful aiming and maneuvering. The change is radical. We are not sure that it will succeed on first try, nor can we exclude the possibility of a delay in the release.

It is premature to make conclusions at this point. The changes are being tested internally, after which they definitely be given to the super testers. This is why we are unable to go into more detail at this moment.

In any case, we want to make an interesting branch that will enrich the game play.

When the new concept matures, it will be discussed in patch notes of the corresponding version, as well as in publications dedicated to it. There will be more details in due time.

Additional bits of information from follow-up discussions:

1. They are experimenting with bouncing angles for the British AP.
1. 他们在对英国巡洋舰的AP弹的跳弹角度做各种实验

2. The gameplay will be sufficiently different from Königsberg/Nürnberg concept.
2. 游戏体验会和柯尼斯堡/纽伦堡的有很大的不同。


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