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Another World of Tanks Q&A, this with with Maxim Chuvalov at the last day of Gamescom 2016. Again, translated from WOT Express.
另一篇WOT的QA,这次是在Gamescom最后一天与Chuvalov进行的。由WOT Express进行翻译。

  • The main objective in the new mode is to help capture the enemy base, escorting the Mark I tank. Players will be able to play in the Lanchester Armoured Car.
    坦克百年祭的主要目的是占领敌方的基地,护送Mark I坦克。玩家驾驶的是兰切斯特装甲车。
  • In  the new mode there will be a lot of new exciting gameplay elements.
  • Wheels in Armoured Cars can be destroyed.
  • The event will be cross-platform.
  • The compositions of the teams will be less than 15vs15
  • Preparations for the Centenary of Tanks began a long time ago, at the end of last year. We can’t say that this mode was inspired by Battlefield 1, the mode was actually developed before the announcement of BF1 at E3 2016.
  • The Swedish have already enough material for an arty branch, several branches of Medium tanks and even Light Tanks. This nation has a great potential for the future of all classes.
  • Sweden is not like any other nation, both visually and gameplay wise. It can be compared to when we launched the French tanks.
  • We have a few prototypes on how to implement the suspension.

  • Control of the hull and height by lifting/lowering the suspension. At the moment, our departments are working on this.
  • If players approve this mechanism of suspension, it means that implementation is possible in other tanks, such as the STB-1.
  • There is currently a discussion on balance vs design and where to introduce magazine guns and not. There won’t be clones.
  • Some Swedish tanks actually have the same reverse speed as moving forward.
  • We are now preparing to launch the second iteration of the Sandbox. The first iteration there was quite a lot of changes and players didn’t like this. It will start mid-autumn and this time it won’t be such a dramatic change.
  • Great matchmaking changes are on the way. The objective is to not make unbalanced teams and to not annoy players. Perhaps, in the fall we might conduct a few tests in the Public Test, but we currently don’t know for sure.
  • There will be another revision on sounds in Update 9.16. The introduction of different calibres and even more. Players will have more setting and opportunities for customization of the interface is being discussed right now.
  • The Paris map will have “positional” battles, but with large possibility for different attacks.
  • We invested a lot of energy in the Stalingrad map and its beautiful, but there were gameplay issues.
  • We will continue to introduce new functionalities that currently can only be obtained using mods, like two lines in the carousel, damage log and panel, etc.

  • A new visibility system is being developed. In September we will announce it to the players. The changes affect server side but also client side, and will bring loads of corrections and optimizations. Teleports will be eliminated.

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