【WOWS Q&A】2016/04/05


NikoPower, NA CC said:

„I promised you all I would get you information as I received it. So here it is, the information you’ve all be waiting for. Forget all that fun stuff I said above. The release date for the Saipan is APRIL 11th! Keep an eye on the forums for the full information on the Saipan on Friday.

There is NO RESTRICTION on buying the Saipan. You want it, you got it!”

Back to the normal Q&A.

From Babykim and Carnotzet, EU.

Here is some information from developer Vallter_ thread on RU forum:

1). Thousands WoT players have been invited (lured with 10m fee experience 25m credits), but only about one hundred came;
1. 他们勾引了几千个WOT玩家(1000W的全局和2500W的银币(译注:不知道到底是100W还是1000W,曾经说过是100W的全局))来玩WOWS,但是只有几百个玩家来玩了。

2). If this promotions sees success (however success in this retarded promotion is to be defined), veteran WoWs players will get (similar?) gifts;
2. 如果这次的活动很成功的话(然而这种脑残活动到底怎么样才能算是成功也是个问题),那些资历很深的WOWS玩家会得到(差不多的?)礼物

3). Non commercial aimbot is broken. Commercial is still being worked on. The developers cannot exclude a resurrection in the future, but each iteration of this arms race makes it more difficult to make a working aimbot. The main thrust is to block the third party software used by the aimbot;
3. 免费版的自瞄外挂已经不能用了,但是他们还在研究付费版的以便反制它。开发团队并不能保证这些东西不会死灰复燃,但是每一轮在开发团队和外挂作者之间的竞赛都会让外挂的开发难度更上一层楼。现在的主要目标是屏蔽掉那个自瞄外挂所在使用的第三方软件才行。

4). Big update 0.5.5 is coming at the end of April (no details).
4) 0.5.5四月末更新,是个大更新(没有更多细节可以公布)

More diverse death and sinking animations will be added in one the next major updates.

They once talked about adding tier 9 ships to team battles. The matter is still being discussed since there are many aspects to be taken into account before implementing it.


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