【Developer Q&A 】2013/5/24, 5/25, 5/26 – R2D2

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– Storm on removing the tracers in 0.8.6: all the tracers for all the vehicles in all the cases (spotted/unspotted) (with the exception of arty, both spotted and unspotted) will be disabled, in the arty “satellite” view, the area in which the arty player can see the tracers of enemy unspotted arty will be reduced (SS: harder counterartillery)
Storm关于8.6暂时禁止弹道显示的解释:除了火炮以外,所有被点亮或没点亮的车辆弹道都不会显示,在火炮鹰眼模式下,可以显示敌人没点亮火炮弹道的区域也会被缩小。 (火炮反黑枪和反火炮难度增加了)

– the subcaliber/HEAT nerf will affect also the vehicles, that use subcaliber shells as silver ammo (hightier meds)
APCR的削弱,同样影响那些使用银币APCR的车辆。 (高级中坦)

– the upcoming profitability buff of hightier tanks won’t apply on tier 8 premium vehicles
8.6的高等级车辆收益提升改动 不会 包括8级金币车。 (也不包括火炮)

– vehicles that are getting XP buff (arty, TD) won’t get a retroactive XP refund for crew XP lost because of the earlier low XP modifier
8.6移除TD和火炮的经验收益惩罚后,不会把8.6以前因为收益惩罚减少的经验补偿给车组人员。 (脑残伸手党的花样真是层出不穷)

– the current information policy (SS: patch notes available in advance as it is now) will continue for the following patches

– new Nvidia 320.18 drivers weren’t tested by WG yet
新的N卡 320.18 驱动还没有被WG测试过。

– it’s “impossible” to impelement functional (even coaxial) MG’s (SS: that would work the way guns do)
“不可能”在游戏推出那些作为辅助武器的机枪。 (防空机枪、车体机枪、同轴机枪之类)

– AA tanks with twin-linked weapons won’t most likely appear in the game

– apparently, multi-rocket launchers such as Katyusha (tracked) won’t appear in the game

– tracers aren’t taken down to make them better visible

– the hull modules won’t come in 2013 and they won’t be exclusive for TD’s only apparently
车体作为可研发部件不会在2013年实现,可替换车体也不会只在TD上才有。 (显然全世界都有人不遗余力地散布谣言…)

– devs are still considering to implement the option to disable your least favourite maps

And a few answers from Storm from his blog:

– currently, the bushes (which sometimes reduce FPS for some players) are still not optimized

– devs are still discussing making your stats hideable so XVM and other such mods won’t see your winrate and other stats
开发人员还在讨论关于“允许玩家隐藏自己战绩统计”的功能选项。 (这样就可以避免类似XVM胜率插件之类的插件显示你的数据)

– Sexton I won’t come to the store in 0.8.6, more tests in the new arty system are needed
Sexton I (英系低级金币火炮) 8.6还是出不来,因为关于新火炮系统还有许多需要测试的地方。 (大概是希望完全调整好再放出来,否则开卖后才大改的话肯定会引起问题)

– test server capacity will be improved, but only slightly (the previously announced increase in test server capacity in 8.5 was cancelled for some reasons)
8.6的公测服务器人数上限只会略微提高。 (以前说过会提高不少,看来是没搞定。)

– the T-50-2 / MT-25 switch is planned for 0.8.7
T-50-2替换成MT-25 计划在8.7进行。

– lowtier premium tanks will have their income also buffed

– the new XL spall liner for superheavies will be cca 1,5 ton heavier than the current large one

– anti-aliasing is slowly being worked on

– it’s possible the spall liner will also be buffed by reducing the chance of module/crew damage
内衬有可能会进一步增强到可以降低 (未击穿HE) 对于车内零件和人员的伤害几率。

– the sound gameengine is completely new, it’s not the old one, only rewritten

– the name changes for French tanks are little things, such as the dots in the German patch

– there will be no “Art of War”-like competition for 8.6

– E-10 TD will come too (later)
E-10 TD以后也会有的。


翻译: [http://bbs.ngacn.cc/read.php?tid=6258096]
– according to Storm, test server shouldn’t be as overloaded as it was in 0.8.5

– 10 percent T10 profitability increase was SerB’s idea

– the 10 percent T10 profitability buff is tied partially to the pen reduction

– Chinese WZ-111 premium heavy won’t be introduced to EU server, because such a tank is already in the regular heavy branch
中系金币重坦WZ-111不会在外服上架,因为中系科技树里已经有这么一辆车了。 (原文只是问俄服,但以前也说过所有外服都不会开卖WZ-111)

– if you have Object 212 unlocked from S-51, it doesn’t mean you will have the SU-14 unlocked too in 0.8.6

– 0.8.6 camo net won’t be tied to various vehicle types
8.6的伪装网 (奖励值) 不会跟车辆类型挂钩。

– tracers are removed for re-work

– 0.8.6 won’t bring other new vehicles, apart from the arties and the premium Excelsior
8.6除了新火炮和新金币车 Excelsior (英系5级重坦) 以外,不会有其他新车了。

– Credit arty costs in 0.8.6 will be roughly equal to TD costs:
90万 – 6级
140万 – 7级
250万 – 8级
350万 – 9级
610万 – 10级

– in 0.8.6 it is possible for tier 10 arty to end up as team’s top vehicle

– according the SerB, the short guns from the thirties were short because the engineers didn’t know yet how to deal with recoil, and because HE performance was more important anyway

– there will be no interplayer auction in the game

– in 0.8.6, Wargaming (!) fixed the Nvidia interface crash, after its release even those who experience crashes can use latest Nvidia drivers

– it’s not known whether post-battle statistics in replays and ingame reload timer will come in 2013

– it’s possible a function will be implemented into the game to shoot as soon as the gun is reloaded (there is a mod allowing that currently)
以后或许会有一个功能,允许炮弹一装填好就自动发射。 (现在已经有个插件可以这样做)

– new French tanks won’t come by the time the French celebrate the Bastille day (SS: July 14th)
不会在法国国庆日推出法系车。 (7月14号 巴士底日)



Developers haven’t answered anything today, I’ll just add a few answers I forgot from the last of the Storm’s blog posts:- tracers weren’t removed because the players were complaining about the “Star Wars blaster effects”, this has nothing to do with the real reason (SS: which was the fact they got hacked)

– the new sound system (crew comments) will come in two versions: long and short one. Long one means that the commander will talk to you in whole sentences (“The engine caught fire because it was hit”) – this is mostly for the newbies, so they know what’s happening and why. Short one will only say everything in one or two words (“Fire”). The players will be able to enable the shortened system in game settings.
车组成员的语音系统会有2个版本: 1个比较冗长, 1个比较短.
冗长的: 车长说我们被打中起火了!,
短的呢: 着火了!

– linear XP requirement for more perks was scrapped, because it’s bad for average players, XP requirements for skills/perks won’t be reduced

– gear changes sound will be implemented

Oh and one more thing: tomorrow there will be no updates from me, because I am going to be very busy. See you on Tuesday!


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