【Developer Q&A】2015/07/29


Here it is:

– Q: “Will 88mm L/56 be buffed so it is like in Blitz?” A: “It would be easier to just ask Blitz to nerf it”;
问:“88mm L/56炮会被Buff到闪电战里面那种感觉吗?”答:“不如说让闪电战那边把这炮砍了会更简单些”

– Changing the 88mm L/56 and other guns that are installed on many tanks at the same time is not trivial because they are so widespread;
对像88mm L/56炮和其他那些大量配装的炮进行改动并不是什么小事,因为这些炮被装在太多车上了

– It’s not true that Xbox WoT will lose some features just because they are not possible to put easily into the PC version;

– Storm states that some Youtubers like Murazor are spreading lies and whine about things (in this case +/-1 MM they want) because their Youtube income is directly dependent on this whining;

– Tank profitability coefficients were not touched in 9.9;

– Storm states that the Japanese Tiger is not in the same situation as the Mauschen was (OP versus lower tiers, underpowered versus higher tiers);

– According to Storm, WoT on Win10 results are not bad;
Storm说WOT在Win 10上的运行结果还不是很差

– The best Windows to run WoT with (IF you have sufficient hardware) currently is Windows 8.1;
现在运行WOT的最佳Windows版本是(如果硬件达标的话)是Windows 8.1

– There are currently no special optimizations in the game for Dx12;

– UI in WoT will be reworked to ActionScript 3;
WOT中的UI会使用ActionScript 3来重制

– According to Veider (balance developer) Windows 10 work well.

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