【Developer Q&A】2015/06/27


Strom announced officially: artillery will undergo a test of changes (a prototype for an overhaul was already decided upon). There will be both a rebalance of vehicles and the addition of new features. The goal is to make the class more comfortable but less irritating for others (it will include timers, removal of oneshots, artillery “lighting up” the square from where it is shooting). ETA: “when it’s done it’s done”
Storm确认了一件事:火炮会进行一系列的改动(要怎么重制已经决定好了一个雏形)。到时候会有对车辆的平衡以及新的机制。他们的目标是让火炮玩起来更舒服,同时让其他玩家不感到那么的气人(到时候会有计时器,移除被火炮一发秒的可能,火炮会在射击后“点亮”它所处在的那个格子)。至于什么时候做好:“when it’s done it’s done”

– multiple players reported test 0.9.9 crashing. This is apparently caused by a faulty update process. In order for the test client not to crash, you have to uninstall it and then download the 0.9.9 test client from scratch – if you update it from the earlier client, it will keep crashing

– American server has the following text in the 0.9.9 report: “If you have already installed the Public Test (a.k.a. “Common Test” or “CT”) game client, the launcher will update to the new version automatically” – this is false according to Storm and should be removed

– Storm confirms that in 0.9.9 the Super Pershing, FCM 50T and other premium vehicles were bugged (someone gave them full MM), this will be fixed
Storm肯定说0.9.9的超潘,FCM 50t和其他金币车都有Bug(分房保护没了),这个问题会被修复

– players were annoyed by the fact the Mauschen has one more loader than the VK4502B (that is given out without any perks trained), developers are discussing how to solve this situation

– it’s possible (but not decided yet) that some of the new game modes will come for other tanks than just tier 10’s

– Storm agrees that small stones hidden in bushes are a problem and need to be eliminated

– there is a bug that shows the AMX 50 100 armor values in hangar as 0, it will be fixed
现在有个Bug,会让AMX 50 100在车库中显示它的装甲是0,这个问题会被修复

– HD M10 Panther now has the US star on it

– the T-62A HD turret armor was not nerfed according to Storm

– the fact that AFK Panther radioman was retrained to Panther 88 instead of the AFK Panther replacement (SPIC) is intentional
侦查豹的通讯兵被重新训练给了88豹(金币车)而不是SP I.C(侦查豹的替换用车)是有意为之的

– alternative hulls are planned for distant future

– one of the alternative hulls will be the M47 hull for the M46 Patton

–  Storm considers current tests to be much less buggy than they used to be (there used to be tests with dozens of critical bugs)

– a bug where the team chat is not working in 9.9 test will be fixed

– SPIC viewrange will be buffed
SP I.C的视野会被Buff

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  1. 麻痹的这个,火炮会在射击后“点亮”它所处在的那个格子
    德棍火炮8-10 都是龟速 还体积大. 吃大亏.

  2. 那个升级失败的真实原因是WG SB换了更新服务器


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