AMX 38,中坦型



Ever since 1935, France was working on a new medium tank, intended to replace the ageing Char D2. It was supposed to weight 20 tons and was to be armed with a 47mm gun in the turret and one 75mm short-barrel gun in the hull.  As a result, in 1938, the medium tank “Char G” program expanded already to 30 tons, catching up to the Char B in weight.
自从1935年开始,法国就在搞新的中坦,想要把那个已经有点老的Char D2换下去。这辆车本来是计划重20吨,原本是要在炮塔上装一个47mm炮,车身上再装一个75mm短管炮的。结果就是在1938年,中坦“Char G”计划的重量已经达到了30吨,赶上了Char B的重量。

That didn’t sit well with the infantry the tanks were supposed to be supporting and in early 1939, their representatives turned to the Atelier de Construction d’Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX) company with a request for a 20 ton tank. AMX saw designing a new tank from scratch as completely pointless and therefore they proposed a project consisting of parts of two tanks: AMX 38 and medium tank AMX Tracteur B, projected at the same time. This 35 ton vehicle served as a basis for this new 20 ton “medium” tank.
步兵这边可没买这个账,因为坦克那个时候应该是属于一种支援角色的。所以在1939年的早期呢,代表们就去找到了AMX制造厂,让他们弄一个20吨的坦克出来。AMX觉得从白板开始造一个坦克完全没有意义,他们就想把当时计划的两个坦克的零件拼起来:AMX 38和中坦AMX拖拉机B。这辆35吨的车就成为了新的20吨的“中坦”的基础。 

From the outside, this new 20 ton tank resembled a bigger AMX 38. It was to use the same suspension, that was in the end mass-produced for Renault R 40 tanks. The hull however resembled Tracteur B more than the original AMX 38, especially the suspension part, covered with plates of armor from the outside, which was maintenance-wise far from ideal. The frontal armor was supposed to be 70mm thick and the sides and rear 60mm thick – quite a good armor for a tank of this class, especially for 1939. Just like the Char D2, this vehicle too had two crewmen in the hull – driver and radioman.
从外观上看呢,这个新的20吨坦克很像一个大号的AMX 38。悬挂用的是一样的,这个悬挂最后被量产给雷诺R40坦克用了。然而车身更像是拖拉机B,而不是原来的AMX 38,尤其是悬挂部分是从外面拿装甲保护着的这一点,维护起来是很不方便的。正面装甲本来是要弄成70mm厚,侧面要弄成60mm—这种装甲对于中坦来说已经很不错了,尤其还是在1939年。就像Char D2一样,这辆车的车身里面有两个乘员—驾驶员和通讯兵

The turret of the vehicle was two-man (even though some sources mention only the commander) with the loader sitting actually behind the commander (while the commander was also the gunner). The turret ring was rather small and there was not much room for head  inside either, the turret was actually quite flat. What was really good about it however was the proposal to install the new 47mm SA37 gun instead of the usual SA35. SA37 was quite powerful for its time, more than capable of knocking out pretty much anything the enemies (Germans) would throw at it. This would have made the tank a force to be reckoned with.
这辆车的炮塔则是有两个人的(尽管部分消息宣称只有车长),装填手坐在车长的后面(车长自己兼任炮手)。而且炮塔也有点小,塞不下另一个脑袋了。然而这个计划真正好的地方就是它们要装新的47mm SA37炮,而不是常规的SA35炮。SA37炮在那个时候已经算是比较厉害的了,基本可以干掉所有敌人。开着这个车估计就无人能挡了。

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the engine, as the project never passed beyond the proposal stage. One of the major candidates would be the 220hp 6-cylinder Aster diesel from 1940, as AMX didn’t want to install anything that would give the tank less than 10 hp/t. The vehicle was to be 5960mm long, 2920mm wide and 2560mm tall and was more than adequate for its time. Unfortunately, it was never built due to the wartime events.


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